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To celebrate the completion of Book 3 in my Legends of Origin series, I’m offering Book 2 for free for the next three days only. To claim your free copy, enter the code DU85F at checkout on Smashwords.

This sci-fi fantasy series explores various legends of origin and the questions everyone wants answers to: where do we come from and why are we here? The series includes a few invented legends of origin, a few alien species and plenty of action and adventure.

I published Book 1, Sanctuary for the Devil, in October 2011 and Book 2, Orion’s Harvesters, in June 2012, and am currently editing Book 3, Creator Species. If all goes according to plan, Book 3 will be with my beta readers within the next four to six weeks or sooner, and published about a month thereafter. Book 1 is permanently free, so grab a copy if it sounds like your cup of tea and, if you enjoy it, please leave a review.

Legends of Origin, Book 1, Sanctuary for the DevilIn his search for the origin of the human race, Liam MacAskill travels to another planet and comes face to face with the Devil himself. He’s driven to claim sanctuary from the monks and nuns at Tridor Monastery, where another stranger to the land lies in a coma.

Liam teams up with Arthean, a Tridorian monk with a dark past and a heart of gold. At first glance, the two seem to be polar opposites, but are they really that different? Together with the monk’s Ilanenorian friends – a strange race of people who live above the clouds – Liam continues his search for the source of everything, which he believes will be found in the Garden of Origin. However, Sah, the power-hungry ruler who hunts Liam, searches for the garden, too. The race is on to see who will get there first and if Liam can survive long enough to fulfil his goal.

On the run, with traitors in their midst and death-breathing dragons on their tail, it’s anybody’s guess if good will prevail or if the amnesiac Devil who possesses Liam’s friend, Joshua, will gain the upper hand. Will Liam find the Creator he seeks? Will the Ilanenorians’ Earth Magic and the winged ryokin’s aid be enough? Will Liam be enough?

Legends of Origin, Book 2, Orion's HarvestersTwo months after Liam MacAskill’s return to Earth from Tridor Monastery, a portal opens in Orion’s Nebula, and a continent-sized spaceship emerges. It heads for Earth, where it hovers over Africa. Shortly thereafter, a second alien species comes through the portal. Then impossibility becomes reality – the second species steals Earth’s sun.

The first species, the T’Acan – or Harvesters, as some call them – seem friendly enough, but Liam suspects they are omitting something about their reasons for visiting Earth, which seem lame to him. It doesn’t take Liam long to discover what… They have to be stopped, but how to stop an invincible enemy?

Air force and military attacks have no effect on the T’Acan spaceship, but Earth has a secret defence not even the military are aware of – a powerful weapon that harnesses ley line energy, kept hidden by warrior monks since humanity’s beginnings. It could save Earth when even nuclear weapons would fail… but will it be enough to drive the T’Acan harvesters away, and will the untested weapon work the way they hope?

Will Liam succeed in aiding the warrior monks’ efforts, or will he merely create more casualties? Is Liam’s friend, Jack, right to distrust the little blue alien they meet on the T’Acan ship, or is Liam’s trust going to be betrayed again? As Liam races against time to warn Arthean that Tridor’s Earth may be in the same danger, even he isn’t sure he’ll make it in time.

Reviewers have said:

“The characters carry it [the story] forwards relentlessly, the writing is superb, events flow, dialogue is natural, and the descriptions are vivid.”

“In Sanctuary for the Devil, Finaughty takes her readers on a rip-roaring quest through a world much like our own, only with magical marvels that spice up an already scintillating story and make it a genuine page-turner.”

Extract from Book 1:

Liam turned and ran. He ducked behind a large boulder as wind created by large wings fanned the back of his neck, making his flesh tingle unpleasantly. Nairel snarled and Liam turned to find the ryokin barring the dragons from pursuing him. He’s going to die for me. The thought tightened Liam’s stomach into a burning knot. First Zac, now Nairel. He would die before he let that happen. Clutching Arthean’s dagger, as pathetic a weapon against a dragon as it was, he raced back the way he’d come.

Already, a dragon had its teeth in Nairel’s side, and the ryokin flapped wildly in an attempt to free himself. The second dragon snapped at Nairel, unable to do more than scrape his skin with its teeth, since the ryokin moved too fast for it to get a firm grip on. Thankfully, the third dragon was somewhere else – possibly trying to get its rider out of the hole Liam had dug when he’d set the traps. His heart in his throat, Liam leapt onto a rock to gain height, then onto the dragon’s back just as it got a firm grip on Nairel.

The second Liam was in the saddle, the dragon released Nairel and bucked in the air, trying to dislodge its unwanted rider. Liam clung to the saddle and clenched his thighs, thankful for years of horse riding – if not for that, he would have fallen and probably broken his back or neck from this height. The dragon twisted its neck, trying to reach him. Nairel and the second dragon danced around each other, each trying to gain an advantage. The smaller Nairel was quicker and darted out of the dragon’s reach almost every time it went for him, although the dragon was fast too, despite its great size, and managed to get a few more nips in.

Jolither had taken to the air, and his ryokin hovered above the battle. The Ilanenorian waved his arms. The blue mist had risen to waist height. The dragon Liam rode snarled, its eyes turning from black to red as they glazed. Icy dread filled him as it fixed him with its eyes, opened its mouth and breathed decay on him. It felt as if his life force was being sucked from every pore. The world dimmed as Liam clung to the saddle with fierce resolve. Sah’s soldiers shouted, and he thought Arthean and Jolither yelled too, but his head was fuzzy and he just wanted to sleep.

Somewhere in the muddle, Liam remembered he had to keep hold of something. He wasn’t sure what, but he knew he had the something in his grasp and all he had to do was keep holding on. A green flash blinded him through closed eyes, and he grasped the saddle even harder, ignoring the pain in his fingers. He would sleep when… When what? The thought jolted him out of the haziness. Nairel…

The traps!

Liam sent an urgent thought to Nairel. Lead him behind that rock. But be careful you don’t step on the scattered twigs – they’re booby trapped.

He hoped dragons couldn’t read thoughts like Ilanenorians and ryokin could.

Nairel sprang sideways towards the rock – he’d got the message. The dragon Liam rode reared again, then took to the air, its anger frenzied now. Fear emanated from it, but Liam had no time to wonder why as the creature spiralled and he lost his grip.

In that moment, as wind-whipped hair struck his eyes and face, Liam recalled the pouch Vareck had given him. He would be too dead to use it in the future if he didn’t now…

Liam jerked the pouch from his belt, thankful he’d been too lazy to take it off when he’d gone to bed. The drawstring seemed to open of its own accord – at least, he didn’t recall opening it – and he stuck two fingers inside to grasp whatever was in there.

A shockwave of calmness coursed through him and the world spun.

A hand grasped his.

Liam jolted to a stop, agony flashing from his wrists and up his arm to his elbow and shoulders, spreading down his spine.

Something warm and furry pressed against his cheek.

Welcome oblivion stole his consciousness.

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Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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