Legends of Origin, Book 3: Creator Species – Sneak Peek

As some of you already know, I’m currently editing Book 3 in my sci-fi fantasy series, Legends of Origin, which I hope to publish in the next two to three months. Those who haven’t already read it can grab Book 1 for free.

Liam and Arthean are trapped on a Harvester spaceship, hunted by the crew, when the rescue mission to save the mysterious Lenora Fairen goes horribly wrong. The ensuing events bring to light some disturbing information about the Harvesters – and their creators – and cause Arthean’s previously unfaltering faith to waver.

Information is scarce about the Vorsors, the species that created the Harvesters. However, the fact that a species as aggressive and bloodthirsty as the Harvesters are afraid of them is reason enough to worry Liam and his friends.

Unlikely allies are formed and new enemies made as Liam and Arthean embark on a new quest – saving their galaxy from the Vorsors.

I hope you enjoy this sneak peek inside the pages of Creator Species.


Arthean flinched as the scalpel-like object drew closer to his face. His tormenter paused to look over his shoulder as more Harvesters entered the cave, but the reprieve would only be brief, Arthean knew. Now, he remembered why they had been torturing him the last time… because they were doing it again. To their minds, it was not torture, he was sure. It was merely a means to an end. The fact that their victims saw it as torture meant nothing to these heartless creatures.

The ‘scalpel’-wielding Harvester turned back to Arthean and resumed his work. Arthean cried out in agony as the blade cut a fresh line into his face, just under his eye. It would leave lifelong scars, he knew, as it would have done the last time had it not been for the miraculous healing he’d undergone. He wasn’t convinced that one man would be gifted two such miracles, though. This time, he wouldn’t be so lucky. This time, they’d probably get it right. He could feel his mind breaking, like a branch that could no longer bend in the wind. He would rather die than be used the way these creatures planned to use him.

Another deep gash was made, this time under his other eye.

Arthean prayed for death.


Download Book 1, Sanctuary for the Devil, for free
Purchase Book 2, Orion’s Harvesters, for only $3.99


About Vanessa Finaughty Fantasy Books

Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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