Extract from Legends of Origin 2, Orion’s Harvesters

Legends of Origin, Book 2, Orion's HarvestersAnother five aliens entered the room and hastened to the screen showing Orion’s Nebula and the grey spaceship. Had Earth’s space stations noticed the newcomers yet? One of the aliens spoke rapidly to the commander, who slammed his fist on the table in front of the screen, then turned back to it, his top bone collar flaring like an angry lizard. His lips curled into what Liam imagined was a sneer, and he spat guttural words at the others, some of whom raced from the room, seemingly on some vital mission. Whatever the alien had told his commander was obviously not considered good news.

The grey spaceship sped towards the sun, which Liam now realised was definitely Earth’s sun in real time, and not a video, since both sun and spaceship were now visible on the large screen. The ship Liam was on shuddered, and it took him a few moments to realise it was moving. On the screens, the grey ship drew closer to the sun than Liam thought was possible to survive, then a beam of blue light shot from one of its protrusions, aimed at the giant fireball that kept Earth in orbit and gave it life.

The sun vanished.

Liam blinked.

What the hell?

Silence pervaded the room as the aliens – and Liam – stared at the empty space where Earth’s sun had just been.

It isn’t possible…

The grey ship sped back towards Orion’s Nebula and the waiting portal.

You can’t steal a sun…

The alien commander spat something that Liam could only think of as a curse.

Icy fear flooded Liam’s chest, and he battled to breathe. Without the sun, everything on Earth would die. Not just from lack of warmth, but Earth would spin out of orbit without the sun’s gravity. It must already be happening.

God help us.

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