Legends of Origin, Book 3: Creator Species – Available Next Week!

I’m pleased to announce that Legends of Origin, Book 3: Creator Species is due to be published at the end of next week. Read on for another sneak peek and special discount offer.

Legends of Origin, Book 3, Creator SpeciesLiam and Arthean are trapped on a Harvester spaceship, hunted by the crew, when the rescue mission to save the mysterious Lenora Fairen goes horribly wrong. The ensuing events bring to light some disturbing information about the Harvesters – and their creators – and cause Arthean’s previously unfaltering faith to waver.

Information is scarce about the Vorsors, the species that created the Harvesters. However, the fact that a species as aggressive and bloodthirsty as the Harvesters are afraid of them is reason enough to worry Liam and his friends.

Unlikely allies are formed and new enemies made as Liam and Arthean embark on a new quest – saving their galaxy from the Vorsors.

Read an extract:

The ryokin stared at the monastery and snorted. Something’s not right.

Liam frowned, noticing the other ryokin looked uneasy too. He followed their gaze, but all seemed peaceful at Tridor Monastery. His frown deepened. It was a little quiet for this time of morning….

Liam opened his mouth to say something, then noticed that the others, too, stood staring at the monastery in contemplative silence.

Let’s go, Nairel demanded, pawing the ground.

The other ryokin must have asked the same of their riders, for a few of the Ilanenorians frowned and shook their heads, then turned back to the monastery, and the usually bold Cirren cowered behind Arthean.

Liam’s stomach churned. What now? He took a deep breath, trying to clear his head as he scrutinised the monastery. Everything looked perfectly normal… except for the lack of monks and nuns out and about in the calm morning. Then it hit him… the birds were silent.

“Err…” Liam said. “Perhaps we should listen to the ryokin. Even the birds aren’t chirping, and that usually means danger.”

Arthean’s mouth set in a grim line. “Which means that my brothers and sisters are in danger.”

Without taking his eyes off the monastery, Liam said, “Maybe they’ve already left.”

“What do you sense?” Liam asked Nairel.

Great danger. The ryokin snorted in obvious agitation. Let’s go!

Liam scowled at the ryokin. “Can’t you be more specific?”

Nairel nudged Liam impatiently. Let’s go!

“Sor doesn’t know what’s wrong either,” Jolither said. “He senses something bad, though.”

Sor danced around, clearly eager to be gone.

Jolither added, “Very bad, he says.”

“I’m going to find out what’s going on,” Arthean said, then strode towards the monastery.

Read a character interview with Liam MacAskill.

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Special discount offer:

Anyone who purchases Creator Species within the first three days of publication will receive a 25% discount on the purchase price of $3.99. Watch this blog for the publication announcement and to grab your discount coupon!


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