PRE-PUBLICATION EXTRACT from Legends of Origin, Book 3: Creator Species

Legends of Origin, Book 3, Creator Species“Ilden, get the shields up,” Liam instructed, then drew the T’Acan energy weapon, set it on stun, closed his eyes and pictured the lone Vorsor as best he could without knowing its face or even its gender.

A burning wire smell invaded Liam’s nostrils as he opened his eyes. He and Lee stood in a silver-walled room surrounded by monitors, consols and beeping machines. A few paces in front of them, a Vorsor bent over a sparking machine, his back to them and half hidden by the smoke pouring from the obviously malfunctioning equipment.

Liam raised the energy weapon, pointed it at the oblivious alien’s back and pulled the trigger. The Vorsor jerked and flailed his arms, then dropped to the smooth silver floor, unconscious. An alarm sounded throughout the ship.

“They’re getting ready to attack our ship,” Lee said.

Liam nodded, going over to the Vorsor. “Seems like it.” He crouched and placed a hand on the alien’s arm, waited for Lee to do the same, then closed his eyes and pictured the bridge of ‘their’ ship.

“Just in time!” Blake exclaimed, frantically punching keys on the consol in front of him.

Liam braced himself against the nearest table as Blake accelerated the large ship. It shuddered a few times as distant booms came to them, then the bridge exploded in sparks as the ship was hit again.

“Doesn’t this thing have a hyper drive or something?” Liam asked.

“No idea,” Blake and Ilden said simultaneously.

“Well, can’t it at least go faster?”

“I’m trying!” Blake said.

“Weapons!” Ilden exclaimed, pushing more buttons on his consol.

Liam asked, “You figured out how to get the weapons online?”

A white beam shot from their underbelly and streaked towards the other Vorsor ship.

Liam watched the monitor with bated breath. The beam went harmlessly over the enemy ship. He looked at Ilden incredulously. “How could you miss such a big target?”

“It’s incredible that I could even figure out how to turn the weapons on with such little time to learn the ship’s workings,” Ilden said. “I’m not a pilot, and I’m certainly not a fighter pilot trained in weapons use!”

“Here, let me,” Blake said, stepping to the side to stand next to the Zephlo. “Where are the controls?”

Ilden explained what was what amid another shower of sparks as they took another hit, then Blake took over and a second, then third, white beam shot towards the enemy ship. The first hit the ship’s outer edge, probably doing minimal damage, but the second was a direct hit on the bridge.

Blake and Liam whooped, and Ilden gave them a wan smile.

“I hate to break it to you,” the Zephlo said, “but these ships have two bridges and, unlike ours, their back-up bridge is probably manned.”

Blake frowned at him.

“So they won’t be defenceless for long,” Liam said.


“Then let’s get the hell outta here.” Blake moved back to his consol and the great ship shuddered once more. Blake fiddled with buttons and levers for a few minutes as they sped away, then said, “Put your seatbelts on. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.”

Liam sat in the nearest chair and held onto the table in front of it. “No seatbelts, bro. Something tells me this ship isn’t supposed to ride bumpy.”

“I’m sure it isn’t,” Blake said, “but I’ve just figured out how to get us to go super fast. Trouble is, I can’t figure out the other part of that system, so I’m afraid there’s no hyper drive or whatever you want to call it.”

The ship shuddered again, then time seemed to stop and Liam’s heart climbed into his throat as they gathered speed. The captured Vorsor woke up as he began to slide along the floor, and Lee kicked him in the head. His unconscious form continued the slide until his head stopped the motion by hitting the wall. He would have a nasty headache when he next awoke.

On the monitor, the enemy ship was already a mere speck.

“Good job, guys,” Liam said.

Blake grinned, wiping sweat from his brow. “Shew. That was close. Talk about the luck of the Devil!”

“The problem is…”

Everyone looked at Ilden.

“They’ll come after us.”

Liam stared at him for a moment, then said, “Maybe…”

“No, definitely,” Ilden insisted. “From what I’ve seen, it’s not in their nature to let this go any more than it’s in the T’Acan’s nature.”

One of the Templars sighed. “Well then, it’s a good thing we aren’t going home first. Let’s lead them to the T’Acan and let them kill each other.”


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If you haven’t read the first two books in this series, you can grab Book 1, Sanctuary for the Devil, for free, and Book 2, Orion’s Harvesters, for only $3.99. Thank you for your support, and please remember to share this post if you enjoyed the extract.


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