Pyramids – Gateway to Orion?

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Now for some more interesting tales of Orion, a big focus in the Legends of Origin series.

Ancient legends abound about the Orion star constellation, so it’s not surprising that there are just as many theories about it.

We’ve already discussed the best-known Orion legends, so let’s take a look at some modern theories, specifically those involving the great pyramids of Earth. For example, it’s widely accepted that Giza’s three pyramids are a perfect representation of the Orion’s Belt stars, right down to the matching proportions of the pyramids and stars. Not only that, but it seems that the pyramids’ position in relation to the Nile is identical to that of Orion and the Milky Way (when viewed with the naked eye), both in ancient and modern times.

Authors Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert believe the pyramids were not only used as tombs, and that they have uncovered their true nature – gateways for the pharaohs to reach the heavens. Besides the Giza pyramids’ relation to Orion’s Belt, what were previously thought to be air shafts are now believed, by some, to point to Orion – this is how, according to Bauval and Gilbert, the deceased pharaoh’s soul would be projected into the heavens.

Like the Giza pyramids, the Great Pyramids of Egypt also appear to be an exact replica of the Orion’s Belt stars. Considering the Ancient Egyptians’ advanced mathematical knowledge, it seems unlikely that this was a coincidence – particularly since the replication occurs in many other ancient monuments. Likewise, the pyramids that form part of the ruins of Teotihuacán in Mexico also point to Orion’s Belt.

Also of interest is that it’s said the Giza plateau lies exactly in the centre of Earth’s landmass, and the central Giza pyramid is more accurately aligned to true north than the Greenwich observatory.

Myriad ancient legends claim Orion to be the point of creation and the place the gods came from – specifically, from Sirius in the Orion constellation. Whether or not this is true, it certainly appears that ancient civilisations believed so, and it’s mentioned in The Pyramid Texts, some of the oldest religious texts discovered to date.

Some modern beliefs are that ancient pyramids are intended to serve as tools to unify ‘outer and inner space’ on a spiritual level, or that pyramids are ancient communication devices powered by the stars. It’s also been suggested that the pyramids were once power generators, as evidence of hydrogen gas combustion – solar power – has been found in some pyramids. With no sign of what ancient civilisations might have needed power for, perhaps the pyramids really were ancient communication devices that enabled ancient humans to communicate with intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

What do you think the pyramids’ true purpose was, and do they still have a purpose today?

 Image courtesy of Pixabay.


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