Roc Isle: The Descent by Alex James – Extract and Special Offer!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00001]It is now Year One, foretold to be the final year before The End of Roc Isle.

In the North, Lord Azure of the Azure-Cloud Clan vows revenge on those responsible for ordering the assassination of his parents. Lord Azure will invade the South in reprisal, and to rid the land of the infidel. But first he needs to raise an army to his banner, which will prove difficult. The Azure-Cloud Clan is divided: the Azure-Knights of Crag Rock refuse to owe him their allegiance. In spite of this, Lord Azure is the greatest warrior of his clan, and his search for redemption and vengeance will not be stopped until Roc Isle answers to him.

In the South, Ankah is a Knight Prentice. Frustrated that he is yet to be ordained, he wonders what his destiny is and why it is he wants to fight. He is the strongest, fastest, and most determined of swordsmen.

Only a titanic clash between clans and a monstrous release of sorcery and swords will reveal the truth. This is The Descent!


Lord Azure looked back at his father’s Guard Captain as if to expect answers.

‘My Lord Azure – I do not know who did this, but they shall be punished, in your father’s name.’

‘My father is dead Eoleus, and my mother. If anything is to be done it will be in my name from now on. Do you have any thoughts on the perpetrators?’

‘It is possible that they were of The Order of Rouge Knights. They have a hatred for the ancestors of the Phelps, and our clan has a substantial number of people that are descended from Phelps.’

‘But it’s not likely?’

‘No, I don’t think so my lord. The Order of Rouge Knights may favour men of Genarian blood, but they have not been known to have the contacts and the reach to be able to carry out an attack this far north. They usually operate in small bands to raid other settlements within The Ruby-Flame Clan.’

‘Then who, who did this?’

‘It is unlikely to have been anybody of the Azure-Cloud Clan. We have a dedicated following and nobody could bear a grudge against Lord Azure; everybody knows everybody up here in the north. It must be a southerner.’


‘Perhaps … the nature of the damage looks like sorcery, but the death of Lord Azure and Lady of the Temple is of a man’s hand, I assure you.’

‘You are not qualified to make such judgements Eoleus, but thank you anyway. Bring me somebody else – a priest, if you will.’

Eoleus disappeared. Lord Azure was left to wander about the ruins and to tell people to stay calm and go back to their homes. Not many people listened to him. He wasn’t tall enough, and they weren’t aware that there was a new Lord Azure now. Their eyes were captivated by the ruins; they had no inkling of the scene at the top of The Shelf. Somebody would pay for this, Lord Azure vowed. By the Gods I call my own, and of my dead father and mother, they will pay!

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photoAbout Alex James

Alex James is a science-fiction and fantasy author who grew up in Leeds, the United Kingdom, and whose stories are inspired by Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism. He believes Asperger Syndrome is a difference, not a disorder; and hopes his writing can lead to understanding about the condition.

The science-fiction and fantasy he writes is strongly influenced by the themes of alienation and empowerment, which give unique qualities to many of his characters. These qualities have been the author’s experience of Asperger Syndrome.

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