Wizard of Ends – A Magical New Adventure Series

I’ve been working hard lately on pretty much everything, from work and writing to all things baby. Legends of Origin fans will be pleased to know that I’m well into Book 4, Beyond Orion, and hope to publish it in the first half of next year. I’m also happy to announce that I’ve started a new fantasy novella series titled Wizard of Ends, which I plan to publish later this year during a month-long virtual book tour. The first draft of Book 1 is complete, and Book 2 is just past the halfway mark.

Here’s a little sneak peek to whet your appetite:

When Lashlor Leaflin offers to escort Queen Narraki Dragonsbane to the Jeltar Woods, he’s unwittingly caught up in a magical adventure of the type he would rather not have.

The sorceress Assassa believes the Land of Ends to be rightfully hers, but King Lanaran refuses to hand over his crown. In retaliation, the sorceress conjures creatures of darkness to hunt the queen and end her life. Lashlor helps where he can, but it isn’t easy when the Guards of Ends who protect the queen believe him to be false.

A confrontation with Assassa will be the death of him, Lashlor is certain. However, the king insists on his help and it soon becomes apparent that he may have no choice.

Like all my series, Wizard of Ends Book 1 will be permanently free. I’m not ready to reveal too much more about this series until the virtual book tour, but I will share the first scene in the series – unedited. Enjoy!


King Lanaran Dragonsbane, ruler of the Land of Ends, stood at the foot of the royal bed, gazing down at the sleeping queen, whose silky black hair framed her pale oval face. So intense was his love for Queen Narraki that his breath caught in his throat as a faint smile curved her delicate lips. She must be dreaming about something pleasant, he thought, realising that he was smiling too – her smiles had always been so infectious. Even now, in this darkest of moments. His chest ached with the knowledge of what was to come. He could stop it if he wanted to. All he had to do was give the order and she could remain here where it was safe. He could… but he couldn’t. Not if he was to retain his throne – and the respect of his people. He could not show weakness, for to do so would invite war, and that would kill more than just his wife. His enemies had spies everywhere. What he was forced to do now was proof of that.

Lanaran turned from the bed and walked to the door, where he cast one last glance upon his wife. Then he left the room and, without meeting their eyes, murmured to the guards outside, “You remember what we discussed.” It wasn’t a question. He knew that they knew. “The potion has worked. She will sleep for some time. Make sure no one sees you, and be quick about it.”

The two Guards of Ends, both of who would be loyal to the end, Lanaran was sure, nodded almost imperceptibly.


Lanaran strode down the wide stone corridor and went to the royal lounge, which was always stocked with a choice variety of the best wines. Goodness knew, he needed a drink if he was to get through the night without sounding the alarm and sabotaging his own plans.

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About Vanessa Finaughty Fantasy Books

Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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2 Responses to Wizard of Ends – A Magical New Adventure Series

  1. Bob McInerney says:

    Legends of origin – book 4 – beyond Orion. Supposed to be published in 2015. Cannot see this in books available for Kindle (Amazon) or on I Tunes for my IPad. Did it actually get published? If so where can I trace it to add to the first 3 books in this series.


    • I hope you will accept my apologies for responding to you so late. I think possibly the latest response you might ever receive! I had to deal with some stressful situations and ended up not logging onto my blog for a very long time, so I only just saw your message. I haven’t published Legends of Origin Book 4 yet, but I will. Part of the reason for the delay is that I lost what I had written so far when my computer (along with every single back-up) was stolen in a burglary. I hope to start Book 4 again before the end of this year, if life allows.


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