Extract from Terran Chronicles, Book 2: Discovery, by James Jackson

Terran Chronicles_DiscoveryCindy looks forward; the sight raises the hairs on the back of her neck. Her fingers dig into the armrests as her feet push down, willing the ship to stop. Before them are hundreds of small ships swarming around a massive space-station. Gas is clearly venting from numerous holes in its hull. A monstrous ship hangs off in the distance. The planet beyond the station is shrouded in grey clouds, but that view is cut off quickly as the space-station looms closer, filling their entire view screen.

Alarms blaze, warning of an imminent collision. Joe slams his hand onto his console, the main view disappears as armor plating slides into place. The Terran is traveling at close to ten percent the speed of light when they plow headlong into the damaged space-station. Weakened and damaged armor plates peel from the ship as though tin foil. With a surprising lurch the ship stops. As it does so, the power flickers, but stays on. John powers the ship’s thrusters in a myriad of combinations, but finally gives up.

“We’re stuck.”

Numerous symbols are flashing on consoles all over the bridge as the crew sits there dumfounded.

Everyone is suddenly thrown to the deck or forward into their consoles. They actually felt the impact to the rear area of the ship. Another massive shock wave travels through the ship, knocking those getting up back down. Joe stares at his console in morbid fascination.

“Hull breach, main hangar deck. Emergency bulkheads are holding.”

With a gulp he reviews the growing list of damaged systems as yet another powerful shockwave travels through the ship. Cindy nervously glances around the bridge as she considers their options. Stuck, and being fired upon, by an unknown assailant.

“Shut down everything, life support, gravity, everything. We’ll play possum.”

Joe stares at Cindy for a moment.

“What about reactor control? I can only do so much from up here.”

“Just do the best you can.”

The bridge crew quickly complies, then sits nervously as they await their fate. With the entire crew being on the command levels, there is no one in reactor control, or so they think. Olaf considers contacting the bridge to find out what’s happening, but hesitates. What the blazes is going on? Having felt the lurch and subsequent shockwaves that came from the rear of the ship he can only guess. As the ship’s systems power down he frowns in confusion, then suddenly gets it. He reduces the power output from all the reactors to a negligible trickle, just enough to run the cooling systems. Then he walks over and hits the main breaker. No more power will go to the grid now. He smirks, hoping that’s what the desired effect is. He smiles as his power bypass system kicks in, the reactors cooling systems will keep running no matter what.

Joe stares at his readout in confusion, then it goes blank, along with the ships lights.

“The main breaker just tripped,” he says in surprise.

Cindy sits in the darkness as the silence envelops them all. Another massive impact can be felt from the rear of the ship. Those that have drifted off the deck plates are unaffected, the rest can feel the shockwave travel through the ship. The minutes tick by as everyone waits for something to happen. Still they wait, even as the air turns stale, and the temperature starts to drop. Cindy shudders in the cold. We only get one shot at playing dead.

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