Roc Isle: Tempest by Alex James – New Release, Extract and Special Offer

TempestKindle (1)The End of Roc Isle was a false prophecy. Or was it?

Lord Azure commands the Northern Army in a war against the Trade Lords, who are a class of conspirators. He fights to defeat evil. However, his leadership is failing because of his son’s insolence and personal ambition. He relies on Ankah, a battle strategist and master swordsman, to prevail. But will Ankah be enough when they encounter the monolithic horned beasts known as Dregs? A Tempest of battle is about to sweep across the land, and even the strong won’t survive!

Roc Isle: Tempest Extract

Lord Ream raised his long-sword and beckoned his Red-Capes to charge down the large wide-spaced streets. They followed him in a ruckus of noise and valour. Pedestrians soon scurried out of their way. Inhabitants looked even more anxious in their lit square openings high in the buildings.

Lord Ream’s company of thirteen-thousand raged down the expanse, unopposed. The fire of the buildings spread all over Nascent City, illuminating the districts where the thousands of sconces on the walls failed. The few infantrymen they saw gazed with mouths agape at the huge host of people rampaging through the city. They had likely never seen anything of the like.

Lord Ream raised his long-sword and looked up, towards the location where the Amphitheatre was, hidden behind dozens of large buildings, many of which were overlooking the rest of the city. Some of these buildings looked ancient, with huge stones forming ramparts around their spiralling heights. They were towers, Lord Ream realised, and they looked silent and desolate.

Everywhere people hid in their homes, in the soaring heights of buildings, or rushed away from the wide street to the safety at the edges, panic in their eyes and confusion in their hearts. While the majority of the Trade Lords’ power homed-in on the fires across the city, the intervening spaces were checkpoints for small scurrying companies of armed infantrymen or cavalry units; or were otherwise devoid of military presence.

Lord Ream saw, but did not see the hundreds of peering eyes of the citizens as his momentum increased. Their eyes looked innocently out, but he could not recognise them as people at the moment, only factors in a game about to come to its conclusion in Nascent City.

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About Alex James

Alex James is a science-fiction and fantasy author who grew up in Leeds, the United Kingdom, and whose stories are inspired by Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism. He believes Asperger Syndrome is a difference, not a disorder; and hopes his writing can lead to understanding about the condition.

The science-fiction and fantasy he writes is strongly influenced by the themes of alienation and empowerment, which give unique qualities to many of his characters. These qualities have been the author’s experience of Asperger Syndrome.

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