Get ALL my books at bargain prices – or FREE – during Smashwords’ Site-Wide July Promotion

I’ve gone a tad crazy and discounted all my books – or made them FREE – for Smashwords’ site-wide promotion, which runs from 1 to 31 July.

Snatch them while you can!


FuturescapeScience fiction meets the real world in this short story anthology, with stories guaranteed to spin your mind into an alternate reality. Are you ready?

Lydia isn’t scared of much. She deals with walking corpses on a daily basis without flinching, yet her fear of cockroaches is crippling and may be her undoing. Then there’s Katrina, whose blood has been genetically altered without her consent, inexplicable murders on a newly colonised planet, alien invasion, galactic exploration and more.

Use the code SSW75 at check-out on Smashwords to download Futurescape for free.

A collHorroticaection of short horror stories that will leave you with chills and urge you to think twice before taking anything at face value.

Is a supernatural serial killer taunting Detective Cassandra Beckett, or has she lost her mind? Can a werewolf’s human side overcome the animal instinct that merely wants to feed, feed, feed? Can online relationships really work, can too much sex be bad for one’s health and should strange daggers be trusted?

The answers lie within, but beware… nothing is as it seems.

Use the code SSW75 at check-out on Smashwords to download Horrotica for free.


Can’t decide between horror and thriller? Chill your bones with thrills from this three-part anthology including flash fiction, Lovecraftian horror and short stories.

Terrorscape brings you a full scope of terror, from abandoned buildings, sociopath chess players, neighbours from Hell and serial killers on nicotine withdrawal to whispering shadows, evil gardens, terrifying creatures, tormented writers and Bloody Mary.

Read it in the dark… if you dare.

Use the code SSW75 at check-out on Smashwords to download Terrorscape for free.

LifeLife is a collection of 27 poems about life in general, some deep and emotional, a few morbid and angry, with a little light humour in between.

Use the code SSW25 at check-out on Smashwords to download Life for free.





December 21, 2012A large proportion of Earth’s population believes that December 21, 2012 will mark the onset of Armageddon – whether biblical or otherwise. Others proclaim that the human race will somehow be enlightened on this date, and that it will be the dawn of a Golden Age. Still others laugh at the idea of anything cataclysmic devastating the globe.

Can we afford to scoff with some of the scientific evidence to support possible catastrophe, such as our sun’s current activity, which even NASA admits concern over?

December 21, 2012: Survival Guide explores some of the theories, predictions and science about this date, but focuses more on survival in nature and a post-apocalyptic world. Much of the information included can be used in everyday life, even if there is no cataclysm, and knowing the planet you live on is never a bad idea.

Discover factual evidence of past cataclysms and ancient legends. Learn how to build your own survival bunker or outdoor shelter. Understand the human body, how much it can endure and what keeps it alive. Gain survival knowledge like fire making with unconventional means, basic first aid, and self-defence tips that even children and the elderly can learn to defend themselves with if attacked.

Use the code SSW100 at check-out on Smashwords to download December 21, 2012: Survival Guide for free.

Books discounted to only $1:

Ashes to AshesWhen Mathieu Cousteau dies, twenty-seven-year-old Michelle van Wyk is relieved that the man intimidating her can no longer make good on his threats. Her relief is short-lived, however – Mathieu’s soul lives on, and is hell bent on avenging his murder. Michelle’s situation grows direr when Mathieu’s handsome brother, Pierre Dumaine, becomes obsessed with her, and drags her into his world of warped love, murder and treachery, where things aren’t always what they seem.

Michelle soon finds herself on France’s Grand Serre Che ski slopes, where her will – and ability – to survive are put to the test. If Pierre’s love doesn’t kill her, his dubious ‘colleague’, Frédéric, or one of his crime bosses’ other lackeys, just might.

Pitted against harsh weather and Frédéric’s hatred, with merciless gunmen and an angry poltergeist hot on their trail, Michelle fights the ultimate battle for survival. Can they perform the ritual to destroy Mathieu’s soul before he kills them? Will Frédéric give in to his desire to kill her, or will Pierre’s love be the death of her? Only time will tell – something Michelle isn’t sure she has enough of.

“The story grabs you from the first chapter, and takes you on a non-stop ride to the stunning conclusion.” – Merry Muhsman, author of Peddler’s Trials.

Use the code SSW75 at check-out on Smashwords to download Ashes to Ashes for only $1.

Dance with EvilWhen a black magic cult unwittingly draws evil incarnate to Earth’s dimension, it sets off a chain of events that play out over a period of two years before most of those involved even realise they’re being toyed with.

Of those the creature plays mind games with, only one, Joey de Villiers, is aware of what’s happening, driving him to contact the others: ex-cop turned private investigator Gabe Rylan and his ex-girlfriend, exposé writer Rachael Timberson.

Only Zalcon, a bounty hunter from another dimension, can stop the monster, but he cannot do it alone. However, will the three humans believe Zalcon is a friend, and if so, are they able to assist with Gabe focussed on his police partner’s death of two years ago, Rachael dealing with a stalker and Joey having a kidnap victim in his home?

It’s anyone’s guess if Gabe, Rachael and Joey can get past their personal situations and work together to overcome their fear and rid Earth of the evil called Tailen.

Use the code SSW75 at check-out on Smashwords to download Dance with Evil for only $1.

Books discounted to $1.50:

Sorcery & SubterfugeA magical sceptre that holds the power of the gods, an invisible prince, an elf with ogre genes and the ability to bend others’ minds to his will, a peasant girl turned queen, a tortured phoenix in human form, mystical fogs, dwarf pirates and majestic ryokin – sentient winged sabre tooth cats with magic flowing through their veins…

If sorcery and subterfuge get you through the night, this short story anthology is sure to spin you into a whirlwind adventure to realms beyond the imagination. Fans of the sci-fi fantasy series, Legends of Origin, will be pleased to note the inclusion of two stories featuring the series’ ryokin, along with a sneak peek at some of the series’ future characters.

Use the code SSW50 at check-out on Smashwords to download Sorcery & Subterfuge for only $1.50.

Dragon Kin and other fantasy storiesThe Dragon Kin anthology is a collection of fantasy stories with plenty of twists that will keep you turning the page for more.

In this anthology, a young man’s incredible past is uncovered when he saves a young woman from conjured, fire-breathing dragons. A novice wizard’s resolve is tested when he is chased by rabid dogs for accusing a king’s beloved queen of murder. A mother prepares to brave danger by taking on a gluttonous black dragon with an overzealous penchant for livestock in the next valley that threatens, if left unchecked, to see her children going hungry during the looming winter. A cunning assassin sneaks into the castle dungeons to silence a prisoner before his testimony can reveal startling revelations about the queen. A desperate man does the unthinkable when he tries to kill a seven-year-old girl for the bounty placed on her head. An elf risks exposing the world’s best-kept secret – her secret – by embarking on a rescue mission to retrieve captured humans and kidnapped phoenix eggs.

Use the code SSW50 at check-out on Smashwords to download Dragon Kin for only $1.50.

The Better Writing GuideIf you have purchased the EDITORS’ BIBLE, please do not purchase The Better Writing Guide. The Better Writing Guide is intended to offer a better-value option to those who would like the writing advice without the in-depth information on editing, formatting, spelling and grammar contained in the Editors’ Bible, and this book is, therefore, a compilation of select Editors’ Bible chapters that are orientated more towards those who are solely focussed on improving their writing style/voice.

The Better Writing Guide offers myriad tips to improve your writing, and delves deeply into things that will enhance your skills, such as character point of view, tenses and writing style. The guide will clarify misconceptions and confusions regarding the dos and don’ts of writing, is a practical reference for would-be writers and others who wish to write easily understood, effective prose, and will open your eyes to things you may not yet have considered.

Use the code SSW50 at check-out on Smashwords to download The Better Writing Guide for only $1.50.

Books discounted to $2:

Legends of Origin, Book 2, Orion's HarvestersTwo months after Liam MacAskill’s return to Earth from Tridor Monastery, a portal opens in Orion’s Nebula, and a continent-sized spaceship emerges. It heads for Earth, where it hovers over Africa. Shortly thereafter, a second alien species comes through the portal. Then impossibility becomes reality – the second species steals Earth’s sun.

The first species, the T’Acan – or Harvesters, as some call them – seem friendly enough, but Liam suspects they are omitting something about their reasons for visiting Earth, which seem lame to him. It doesn’t take Liam long to discover what… They have to be stopped, but how to stop an invincible enemy?

Air force and military attacks have no effect on the T’Acan spaceship, but Earth has a secret defence not even the military are aware of – a powerful weapon that harnesses ley line energy, kept hidden by warrior monks since humanity’s beginnings. It could save Earth when even nuclear weapons would fail… but will it be enough to drive the T’Acan harvesters away, and will the untested weapon work the way they hope?

Will Liam succeed in aiding the warrior monks’ efforts, or will he merely create more casualties? Is Liam’s friend, Jack, right to distrust the little blue alien they meet on the T’Acan ship, or is Liam’s trust going to be betrayed again? As Liam races against time to warn Arthean that Tridor’s Earth may be in the same danger, even he isn’t sure he’ll make it in time.

Use the code SSW50 at check-out on Smashwords to download Legends of Origin, Book 2: Orion’s Harvesters for only $2.

Legends of Origin, Book 3, Creator SpeciesLiam and Arthean are trapped on a Harvester spaceship, hunted by the crew, when the rescue mission to save the mysterious Lenora Fairen goes horribly wrong. The ensuing events bring to light some disturbing information about the Harvesters – and their creators – and cause Arthean’s previously unfaltering faith to waver.

Information is scarce about the Vorsors, the species that created the Harvesters. However, the fact that a species as aggressive and bloodthirsty as the Harvesters are afraid of them is reason enough to worry Liam and his friends.

Unlikely allies are formed and new enemies made as Liam and Arthean embark on a new quest – saving their galaxy from the Vorsors.

Use the code SSW50 at check-out on Smashwords to download Legends of Origin, Book 3: Creator Species for only $2.

Books discounted to $2.50:

Editor's BibleAs the Editors’ Bible cover implies, this book is intended as a handbook for editors and authors throughout the English-speaking world. If in doubt, use it as a reliable guide.

A few well-chosen words can fire the imagination and evoke images, but badly written manuscripts will damage your reputation as an author and chase away readers. This book gives authors the tools and knowledge, with ample examples, to write and self-edit effectively, and is a practical guide for professionals to refer to.

In addition to the usual language rules you’ll find in any other self-help manual, the Editors’ Bible explains how editing and proofreading can make all the difference between a manuscript that ‘has potential’ and one that’s ‘ready to strike gold’. It contains writing and language-related tips that will save you time on your self-edit and money on your professional edit. You’ll learn some of the common errors and how to correct them, from punctuation and spelling to tenses, character point of view and manuscript formatting. Furthermore, you will gain a greater understanding of what authors want out of the working relationship with an editor, and vice versa.

Most of all, it will help every author with what he or she really wants – to concentrate better on writing impressive work without worrying about how much of said work will end up discarded on the professional editor’s cutting table.

Use the code SSW50 at check-out on Smashwords to download the Editors’ Bible for only $2.50.

My permanent freebies:

In his search for the origin of the human race, Liam MacAskill travels to another planet and comes face to face with the Devil himself. He’s driven to claim sanctuary from the monks and nuns at Tridor Monastery, where another stranger to the land lies in a coma.

Liam teams up with Arthean, a Tridorian monk with a dark past and a heart of gold. At first glance, the two seem to be polar opposites, but are they really that different? Together with the monk’s Ilanenorian friends – a strange race of people who live above the clouds – Liam continues his search for the source of everything, which he believes will be found in the Garden of Origin. However, Sah, the power-hungry ruler who hunts Liam, searches for the garden, too. The race is on to see who will get there first and if Liam can survive long enough to fulfil his goal.

On the run, with traitors in their midst and death-breathing dragons on their tail, it’s anybody’s guess if good will prevail or if the amnesiac Devil who possesses Liam’s friend, Joshua, will gain the upper hand. Will Liam find the Creator he seeks? Will the Ilanenorians’ Earth Magic and the winged ryokin’s aid be enough? Will Liam be enough?

Download Legends of Origin, Book 1: Sanctuary for the Devil for free.

Crimson RainShort story.

They say the time will come for the darkened sky to violate our Earth with her tears of blood. The legend foretells of a blood-thirsty race being born from these tears; Mother Nature’s punishment for our evil deeds. They say that day will come when mankind’s thirst for the blood of his own consumes him. They say that day is near.

Download Crimson Rain for free.





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Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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