Extract from Tales from the SFR Brigade – a sci-fi romance anthology

•A space captain discovers the cyborg she loves just might be her greatest enemy.
•A mind-wiped prostitute risks all when she recruits a dangerous stranger to help her escape a terrible fate.
•A prisoner-of-war confronts the comrade who loved her, then left her for dead.
•A space-obsessed physics teacher is kidnapped by a far-too-charming alien.
•An apocalypse survivor battles the biomech-enhanced hunter who seeks to capture her.
•A young artist must choose between her comfortable life on Earth or a war-torn space colony with her beloved.
•A daring thief is on the run from the alien law man who is determined to bring her to justice.
•A widowed rebel leader tries to save the last remnants of humanity, one stranger at a time.

From Earth to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, explore the worlds of Science Fiction Romance with stories from Linnea Sinclair, Marcella Burnard, Erica Hayes, Liana Brooks, Pippa Jay, Berinn Rae, Amy Laurens, and Kyndra Hatch.

Extract from Imprint by Pippa Jay:

The door slid open and Tevik walked in. Jiona resisted the urge to leap up and tackle him. There’d be time for escape plans when she knew the deal…and had some clothing. A semi-naked female running loose would attract too much unwanted attention, even one as skinny as her. He’d done her a favor. Dammit, he’d saved her life. Plus, he held a tray with food and drink on it, and her stomach was already clenching in ravenous anticipation.

“Good morning.” He eyed her with suspicion and kept his distance. What was he afraid of? That she might kiss him again? Or try to hurt him? Right at that moment she wasn’t sure herself. He’d saved her, agreed to her insane request to be taken into his custody…and then stripped her. A slap would be appropriate, surely. “How are you feeling?”

“A damn sight better than the last time I was conscious.” Jiona couldn’t help staring. Tevik was only wearing jeans, displaying an expanse of coppery skin and a well-muscled torso. She found herself licking her lips, and quickly snapped her mouth shut.

He gave her an odd look, although those luminous eyes might seem weird to anyone meeting a Deluvian for the first time. Their strangeness had grown on her over their numerous tussles. “Are you sure you’re okay? I can still take you to the hospital.”

“I’m fine.” Not the hospital. Not there. She shivered. “Care to explain why I’m half-naked in your bed?”

Tevik quirked an eyebrow and perched beside her on the edge of the mattress, still keeping out of reach. “My bed, because there was nowhere else to put you. And as for your clothing…” He had the grace to look sheepish. “Strip search. After that trick in the vaults with the knife…” With one hand he gestured to a long, dark bruise over his ribs that matched those on the opposite side from where she’d kicked him. She flinched. “I couldn’t be sure what else you might have tucked away.”

“Bet you enjoyed searching me.”

A faint blush colored his cheeks. “I did what I had to do, for my own safety as much as yours. I didn’t want any booby traps going off in your outfit. You are known for them.”

She smirked. “Thought I might have a weapon tucked away in my panties?”

His blush deepened. Her panties had been little more than a strand of lace. Less restrictive, but certainly no cover for a weapon. Not even a very small one.

“With you, anything is possible.”

Jiona laughed. “Ah, now there’s a reputation I can be proud of!”

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