REVIEW: Tortuous Shadows

Last year, I read Avalon Valley, Book 1: Tortuous Shadows and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I’m glad to finally have the chance to showcase it on my blog.

Let’s start off with my review, which I wrote in June last year:

IMG_0295Although I’m not generally a lover of romance books, the fantasy part got my attention, along with the striking book cover, so I decided to take a chance on Tortuous Shadows. I’m glad I did! The story was entertaining and the descriptions vivid, enabling me to easily visualise and feel what the character was experiencing.

The entire novel is written in first person, present tense – not everyone’s favourite tense and one that’s difficult to write a full book in, but I’ve always enjoyed books written this way, provided the author does it well, which Parr does. For this story, I think the tense and POV work perfectly.

The balance between mystery, fantasy and romance was well done too, and fantasy romance lovers should definitely read Tortuous Shadows for a real treat!

synopsisTitles in the Avalon Valley trilogy:

trilogy titles-correctPurchase links:

Barnes & Noble

About the author:

author profile picJENNIFER PARR is personally devoted to keeping Starbucks, movie theaters, and YA novelists afloat. When she’s not working on her own novels, she can usually be found doing one of the aforementioned things. After getting the idea for Tortuous Shadows, Jennifer went straight to work, completing the Avalon Valley trilogy in a little over a year. She plans to release book two, Better Shade, in the near future. In addition, Jennifer has another series underway, with hopes of branching out to the NA market. Her favorite author is Maggie Stiefvater, who she recently got to meet at a book signing.

Jennifer currently lives in Utah with her husband of fifteen years, their four children, and an English bulldog named Zen.

Connect with Jennifer online:

Facebook: Tortuous Shadows
Goodreads: Jennifer Parr
Instagram: @author_jenniferparr


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Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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