Adam’s Calendar

This post doesn’t focus as much on Orion’s Belt as the ancient monument thought to be aligned with these stars, but I’m including it in the ‘Orion blog series’ anyway, purely because the monument is located in my home country, which might interest some readers.

Adam’s Calendar, named by Johan Heine, who discovered it in 2005 while flying over Mpumalanga to rescue a fellow pilot, is a collection of about a dozen ancient stones in the area that are believed to be aligned with the rising and setting sun on the solstices and equinoxes.

Found in my home country, South Africa – also known as ‘the cradle of mankind’ – Adam’s Calendar is thought by some to be at least 200, 000 years old and the oldest man-made structure in the world. The ancient stones are located at the top of a sloping cliff facing south, and the rocks seem to be scattered randomly, leading archaeologists to refer to them as a ‘stone setting’ rather than a ‘stone circle’, as is the case with Stonehenge, for example.

Some claim it was created by the Anunnaki, a race of aliens also known as the Nephilim who used the first humans as slave labour to find gold, and whom the Sumerians saw as gods. Other theories say it was used by ancient humans as a celestial calendar, and it’s commonly believed that Iron Age Bantu-speaking people built it when they came to South Africa about 1800 years ago. Other people believe that the Anunnaki were the founders of civilisation about 11, 000 years ago and were not aliens, but normal humans who were possibly shamanic elite who arrived in the area around the time of a great cataclysm.

Many archaeologists believe that the stone ruins were once cattle kraals (pens), but Heine says he has discovered a number of solar alignments at the site, and believes that three of the stones were once aligned with the three stars known as Orion’s Belt. This alignment supposedly proves the ruins to be at least 75, 000 years old, because that’s the only period Heine thinks it would have aligned with Orion’s Belt.

Expert Michael Tellinger suggests that the monument is actually 200, 000 years old and was built by the Annunaki to serve as a ‘centre of operations’. This theory goes on to say the Annunaki came from a planet called Nibiru, created humans to be used as slave labour, and also constructed other great monuments found in the region. All these stone structures are thought to have been used for gold extraction, which is believed to have involved an advanced type of sound technology and electromagnetic energy delivered from the area’s water sources.

Evidence of gold mining in South Africa dates back to between 75, 000 and 80, 000 years, which fits with the ruins being 75, 000 years old. However, the north-south alignment is ‘crooked’ by three and a half degrees, which Tellinger puts down to displacement in the Earth’s crust after construction. The trouble is, as far as I’m aware, there is no factual evidence that a displacement took place in the last 200, 000 years, or that the alignments even exist, as many think that the stones on the southern side are too disorderly to properly determine any alignment. Many also believe there is no solid evidence to suggest that the stones would have aligned with Orion’s Belt 75, 000 years ago or at any other point in time, with or without crust displacement.

All speculation aside, artefacts found at the site prove that myriad ancient cultures were present throughout various stages of history, including the Sumerians, Romans, Egyptians, Dogon, Incas, Greeks and Arabs. This is one of the reasons the site is so difficult to date with any certainty.

A local story tells that humanity was created in Africa and, about 60, 000 years ago, began migrating. Africa may not appear in as many popular documentaries as other mysterious places, but I believe some of our species’ profoundest mysteries can be found here. Interesting to note is that there are over a million ancient stone ruins in Africa, and artefacts have been dated back as far as 200, 000 years. Despite the lack of solid evidence Tellinger and Heine have thus far been able to present, this makes me think….

What do you think? Are the ancient stones known as Adam’s Calendar just ancient cattle kraals or dwellings, or do the stones hold a deeper, more profound meaning connected with Orion’s Belt? I’m undecided, but I’d like to think that perhaps one day we can finally learn our true origins, so I’m holding thumbs that the experts will discover something profoundly revealing.


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  1. alex says:

    How did all those cultures manage to visit the site?


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