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Morning everyone – I hope you’ve all had more sleep than I have lately!

The Wizard of Ends virtual book tour is almost upon us. There are still ten tour dates to be filled, however. If you have a blog and would like to be a tour host, read on to discover if Wizard of Ends is the type of series your readers are likely to enjoy and, if so, how you can participate.

Wizard of Ends is a fast-paced fantasy adventure series following the adventures of the wizard, Lashlor Leaflin. Books 1 and 2 will both be published during the tour, on 9 and 23 October respectively.

Book 1: Wizard of Ends

When Lashlor Leaflin offers to escort Queen Narraki Dragonsbane to the Jeltar Woods, he’s unwittingly caught up in a magical adventure of the type he would rather not have.

The sorceress Assassa believes the Land of Ends to be rightfully hers, but King Lanaran refuses to hand over his crown. In retaliation, the sorceress conjures creatures of darkness to hunt the queen and end her life. Lashlor helps where he can, but it isn’t easy with the Guards of Ends who protect the queen constantly accusing him of being a fake wizard.

A confrontation with Assassa will be the death of him, Lashlor is certain. However, the king insists on his help and it soon becomes apparent that he may have no choice.

Book 2: Wizard of Ends, Dark Creature

Escorted by soldiers of Ends, Lashlor sets out to find an old flame, Rune Arcana, the only person who can help to remove the curse placed on the Queen of Ends. Lashlor believes that Rune currently resides in the Mountains of Eclador – a place from which no one has returned in all of recorded history. She could refuse his request. She could be dead. Lashlor and his companions could meet the same fate.

If they do not brave the mountains, however, Queen Narraki will remain in the form of a rabid creature of darkness… forever.

Forever is a long time, and King Lanaran fears the Wizard of Ends will not return. Ignoring Lashlor’s advice not to meddle with the curse, Lanaran employs other magic users to attempt to undo the dark magic.

The following tour dates are still free: 2, 5, 11, 12, 18, 21, 24, 25, 26 and 31 October. If you have place on your blog on more than one of these days, please list them all when you email me, in case the first date you choose is already taken.

How you can participate:

I can provide participating bloggers with book extracts (including the full first chapter of each book) or a guest post, but I would also appreciate series showcases, author interviews, character interviews and honest pre-publication reviews, so please let me know if you would be willing to provide these, and/or if you would like to participate in another way.

In return, I offer participants:

– A 100% discount coupon for Wizard of Ends, Book 2: Dark Creature on Smashwords. This will be made available to you on the day of publication. If you would like an ARC review copy, please let me know and I’ll send you a PDF version for now.

– A showcase on my blog after the tour: this can be anything from showcasing you, your books or characters if you’re also an author, to a competition or special you’re running, showcasing another author of your choice, or a book extract or guest post from you.

I look forward to hearing from you!



About Vanessa Finaughty Fantasy Books

Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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