Character interview with Lashlor Leaflin from Wizard of Ends

Today’s tour host is Pippa Jay, who will be sharing a guest post by me about how to create believable magic systems for fiction. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, especially if you have additional tips or disagree with any of mine.

Now, on to an interview with Lashlor Leaflin, Wizard of Ends MC….

Lashlor2_smallThank you for joining us today, Lashlor. I know you don’t really have the time right now, so I appreciate you sparing some. Let’s get stuck right into it:

Describe the world you live in. What do you like the most and least about it?

Most of the seven lands are either war-torn or run by tyrants, so life is anything but peaceful for many. At least not much of nature has been touched, though, which is nice. What I like most about my world is that the Land of Ends exists. It’s not the strongest kingdom, but King Lanaran Dragonsbane is close friends with the most powerful ruler in all seven kingdoms, so we don’t experience much strife in Ends. What I like the least is that almost no one seems to understand that one can’t use magic for every little thing. It’s annoying.

How do you feel about the fact that someone has written a series of books about your adventures?

I’m quite honoured, and was happy to see the author included my rants about not using magic for frivolous things. [He winks.]

How did you feel when the Guards of Ends protecting Queen Narraki called you a fake wizard?

It was upsetting and incredibly frustrating.

Most people would have taught them a lesson. Don’t get me wrong – I commend you for your restraint – but why didn’t you?

It would have been a waste of magic. Besides, they soon learnt the folly of ignoring my advice.

Have you ever met another magic user who did not use magic for frivolous things?

Twice, yes. Once was when I was very young and only beginning to master my abilities. I can’t tell you his name, because he wouldn’t like that, but he’s the one who taught me never to use magic if there is another way. More recently, I met a witch called Elmadra whose magic was so potent that I can’t imagine her using it often.

In Wizard of Ends, Book 1, what was your main goal?

At first, it was solely to protect Queen Narraki. I soon discovered that could not be done without confronting a powerful sorceress, so destroying her became an equal goal.

What was the main barrier to achieving this goal?

The sorceress I just mentioned, and the fact that she had help from other powerful magic users, which was unexpected.

What’s your greatest strength?

The vast amount of magical energy my body is capable of handling.

Where do you go when you’re angry?

I don’t really get angry. [He looks thoughtful.] Not anymore.

Do you have a nickname and, if so, do you like it?

Some people call me Lash. [He frowns.] Well, only one person has ever called me that, now that I think about it. I don’t really like or dislike it. It’s just a name, really.

What’s your greatest fear?

That I’ll one day abuse magic and meet my end before I have a chance to right it.

What would give you ultimate peace and happiness?

If I could travel through all seven kingdoms without worrying about being attacked or considered a spy. I enjoy travelling. Being on the open road sooths the soul, I find.

Is there anything you tend to carry around with you everywhere you go? If so, why?

My wizard’s medallion. [He gestures to a triangular silver pendant he wears.] By law, all magic users have to wear one plainly visible. It’s to prevent unnecessary deaths by warning those who might be in the mood to pick a fight not to do so with anyone wearing a medallion. Some magic users have no patience for that type of thing.

If you could shape shift into any animal, what would it be and why?

[He smiles.] An alkat – they’re sea creatures. I’d love to experience the freedom they enjoy.

What do you think readers will gain the most out of Wizard of Ends?

It’s hard to point out just one thing. My story is filled with action and some light humour, but readers can also expect to learn many life lessons along the way. The book isn’t presented in an overly philosophical manner, but the lessons are intense regardless.

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