Dragon Kin – LAST FREE DAY!

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Today’s tour host is Fireblade Publishers (my publishing services company), with an extract from Wizard of Ends, Book 1.

Dragon Kin and other fantasy storiesToday is the last day you can get Dragon Kin & other fantasy stories for FREE at Smashwords!

Smashwords coupon code: ZU52B
Valid: 11 – 13 October

For those who haven’t read this short story collection yet or who missed the giveaway announcement, here are one reader’s thoughts on what you can expect from each story:

Dragon Kin

When I was introduced to Karas, I instantly fell in love with the character. The reason for this could be because I saw a lot of myself in him. Karas’ humour was top-notch, even though he meant to be serious. When Karas ventured to the other side of the Great Sea, he wanted to be alone and just live his life in his cabin. As soon as Sasha was introduced, this was when I paused for a long time. I thought about her character for a while, and the Sasha character that Vanessa created for the story left me speechless, and this was not because Karas couldn’t stand the sight of her after his cabin was destroyed by the dragon, but because they were two totally different people, and in the end, they worked together. Vanessa’s characters in Dragon Kin were more than perfect. The way they were created just fascinates me. I personally think that Vanessa Finaughty is only giving us a taste of what she is really capable of! If Vanessa Finaughty wrote a full-length novel with Karas and Sasha as the main characters, I would be in my element!

Jeepers’ Creatures

I immediately felt for Jeepers the second he was introduced. There was something about him that I could relate to, and this is what connected me to this character. Was it his unluckiness? Was it his place in this world? Was it because of the accusations made against him? Was it his impatience of starting something small and mastering it before moving on to bigger things? Yes. Jeepers’ mind is always calculating. There’s never rest for him. He wants to prove his greatness, and because he has no guide, he tries everything and gets nowhere. I found the story very, very entertaining. Vanessa Finaughty’s Jeepers’ Creatures is definitely a must-read. It taught me something, and it will definitely teach you something!

Kill to Live

Vanessa Finaughty gives you only what you need to get through this story, and this made Kill to Live great. When it all came together, it was unexpected. As you start reading this story, it will point you in a different direction. However, when Vanessa is ready, she will put you exactly where she wants you. And this is not a bad thing. Well done, Finaughty!

Royal Assassin

Wow! This was truly an entertaining story and very cleverly written. At first, I thought the black-clad man researched what was required of him, like any assassin would do, but then it hit me! Not here to spoil anything for anyone, but Kudos to Vanessa Finaughty for slapping me with the unexpected. Brilliant!

The Bounty Hunter

The opening scene, alone, got me excited. Princess Maia really grabbed my attention. Vanessa created a character, a beautiful girl, who I have no words to describe. Not only does she have a few gifts of her own, but she is one of the strongest characters I have ever come across in Vanessa Finaughty’s books. What I learnt from this story is that desperate measures call for desperate times, and sometimes we are pushed to make decisions even if some of them are the wrong ones. We all make choices, and sometimes it takes you to show somebody the worst, desperate side of you before they are able to look into your soul and see the good. Well done, Finaughty! You never stop surprising me!


There is not much action in this story, and the way Vanessa put it together, it was perfect and I enjoyed every page. I could sense a build up to something huge especially on Jayla and Abelard’s journey to save the phoenix eggs. I got the sense that there was a surprise waiting for Jayla and Abelard around every corner. Although Vanessa didn’t keep anything until the end of this story, I found myself paging ahead to find out what happens next, but stopped myself from doing so. This is a brilliant piece of work and it’s very well written. The characters are strong and only Vanessa Finaughty is capable of doing this! I highly recommend this!

Review by Berend van der Poll


About Vanessa Finaughty Fantasy Books

Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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