Wizard of Ends’ King Lanaran Dragonsbane: BIO

Today’s tour host is Alex James, with a guest post from me about the magic of the Ancient Egyptians. I hope you enjoy the read!

King Lanaran Dragonsbane – biography

King LanaranKing Lanaran Dragonsbane is one of the main characters in the Wizard of Ends fantasy adventure series. He rules the Land of Ends with his beloved wife, Queen Narraki Dragonsbane. He has practically wiped out poverty and hunger in his kingdom, and has the people’s utmost loyalty in return.

Lanaran is not the power-hungry ruler most of the other lands’ rulers are, and can be quite humble at times, but he will go to almost any length to avoid giving in to blackmail and allowing his kingdom to fall to tyrant rule. He is more tolerant than any of the other kingdoms’ kings; however, should his patience be tested too far, he will not hesitate to have the offender executed if the offence is bad enough and could be considered illegal.

Lanaran is an excellent swordsman, loves his wife above all else, enjoys red wine – perhaps a little too much at times – and likes to spend his free time out in nature, enjoying the peace and quiet such solitude can bring.

To learn more about Lanaran’s adventures in Wizard of Ends, follow the virtual book tour.

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2 Responses to Wizard of Ends’ King Lanaran Dragonsbane: BIO

  1. Alex James says:

    Cool biography. I thought there were times when King Lanaran was almost cruel, I sometimes took his threats literally. I also got the impression he was impatient most of the time as well maybe because of the desperate situation he was in?

    Liked by 1 person

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