JUST RELEASED! Wizard of Ends, Book 2: Dark Creature – ONLY 99C FOR TODAY ONLY!

Today’s tour hosts are Katharina Gerlach and Kelly Smith. Katharina is sharing a guest post from me about modern science and ancient magic – one of my favourite topics – and Kelly’s Wizard of Ends review blew my mind. I visualise what I write. It plays in my mind like a movie and I write it. To have a reviewer who doesn’t know that say it was like a ‘mini-movie in your mind’ is one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received. Also take a look at Carlyle Labuschagne’s review of Book 1 – another lovely review!

Hot off the press!

Wizard of Ends, Book 2: Dark Creature has just been released! Today only, readers can purchase Dark Creature for only 99c! From tomorrow, it will be $2.99, so grab it today!


Wizard of Ends, Book 2_BlogEscorted by soldiers of Ends, Lashlor sets out to find an old flame, Rune Arcana, the only person who can help to remove the curse placed on the Queen of Ends. Lashlor believes that Rune currently resides in the Mountains of Eclador – a place from which no one has returned in all of recorded history. She could refuse his request. She could be dead. Lashlor and his companions could meet the same fate.

If they do not brave the mountains, however, Queen Narraki will remain in the form of a rabid creature of darkness… forever.

Forever is a long time, and King Lanaran fears the Wizard of Ends will not return. Ignoring Lashlor’s advice not to meddle with the curse, Lanaran employs other magic users to attempt to undo the dark magic.

Wizard of Ends, Book 1_blog2Download Wizard of Ends, Book 1 for FREE
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About Vanessa Finaughty Fantasy Books

Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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    Wizard of Ends Dark Creature Book 2 Released Today by Vanessa Finaughty. Get yours for 99c today thru tomorrow, before the price changes.


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