Extract from Berend van der Poll’s Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

It’s multi-genre Friday again! Today’s offering is a post-apocalyptic thriller from fellow author Berend van der Poll.

Disclaimer: The below extract contains some swearing.

487923_524334047649030_978925357_nLife is never going to be the same for Michael Munroe, his brother and his family. Seven years ago, scientists warned the world of a NEA – near-Earth asteroid – but assured everybody that it posed no threat to life on Earth. They were wrong. Billions of lives were lost, leaving only a million survivors scattered across the globe.

Surviving is the only thing on Michael’s mind and sticking together is the only way his family and the handful of people under his watch are able to live to see the next day.

However, this annihilation gave birth to a new kind of threat, The Night Wind – a community who scour the city at night, abducting women and impregnating them to help give birth to a new world, and those who refuse and stand against their visions for the future are butchered without mercy.

With The Night Wind growing every day, Michael is forced to make decisions to keep pushing forward and keep his family alive, but, unlike his brother, Julian, who eliminates a threat without hesitation, Michael prefers to talk his way out of bad situations… How do you question your beliefs, hold onto your morals and reluctance to kill or be killed after The Night Wind comes knocking?


It must have taken Julian and Stephen around fifteen minutes to spot the trio. They observed first, taking in the surroundings and paying attention to sudden movement in the dark city.

They could hear the three Night Wind members talking about the good old days when the world was still alive. It seemed strange that merciless and remorseless killers were still able to reminisce and talk about family. Is there still hope for them? Of course not! There was nothing to live for if this was what the world looked like… what it turned into. Now, The Night Wind only wanted women and children to procreate, and looted survivors after killing them if they refused to join their vision.

“So what’s the problem with you and Tony?” Stephen thought that, while they observed the three men down the road, this was the perfect time to ask.

Julian signed. “Tony… Forget about Tony.”

“I know that you, Tony and Jeff are having problems. Why did we take them in when we came back to Cape Town if there was something cooking between you?”

“You want to do this now? Julian asked, looking down the road.

“Those fuckers are not moving. Looks like they found something. So what’s wrong with the three of you?”

“Jeff and Tony are minor, man. I allow tiny shit to cook in my head and I turn it into a feud. It’s silly.”

“Then let’s hear it, if it’s silly,” Stephen pressed.

Julian sighed. “You are not going to give up? Okay. Jeff and Tony were old drinking buddies. They were regulars in this pub I worked at a few years ago before all this shit happened. Two arseholes walked in there and I threw some beer in one prick’s face. At the end of my shift, these fuckers waited for me outside and shit went south. They caught me off guard, you know, but Jeff and Tony came out of nowhere and pulled them off me and got them into choke holds. I was a bouncer at this night club before the pub, which also had a fight club underground where I used to fight. So Jeff and Tony wanted me to take these guys out that night, and I was not a killer…”

“So they wanted you to kill them?”

“These guys came to my fights. They bet big bucks on me. Man, I made them rich.” Julian paused. “Yeah, they wanted me to kill them. I walked away from that. Anyway, I asked Tony and Jeff after we picked them up when we came back here if they let those guys go and you know what they said?”

Stephen asked, “What did they say?”

“They said they did what I couldn’t.”

“No shit?” Stephen sounded a bit surprised, because Jeff and Tony didn’t seem the killer types.

“Yeah, man, no shit. But you know what the scariest part is? Those guys became family men and they regret what they did back then. Ever since this shit started, I killed many men, but I did it so we could survive and not to satisfy myself.”

“Yeah, there is a difference,” Stephen told him.

“Maybe I should talk to them. Maybe it’s what they need to put it behind them.”

“Yeah,” Stephen agreed. “It could help you too, because we need them to watch our backs and we need to do the same.”


Stephen looked down the road again. “They’re on the move.”

Julian moved closer to Stephen. “We take these arseholes out quietly. No guns. Only knives.”

“Got it,” Stephen acknowledged and swung the rifle over his shoulder.

“Let’s get up close and personal with these fuckers.”

About the author

25122010_005_I was born in South Africa in 1979 and discovered my love for writing twenty-three years later. I find it very easy to create good characters, because each one of them is created using a part of me. As a child, it was hard settling down and making friends, because we moved around a lot. When I am not writing, I am enjoying fine pencil art – something I have been doing since I was seven years old, and spending time with my beautiful family.

I live in Fish Hoek with my wife, Melanie, and Tyler – our son.

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Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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3 Responses to Extract from Berend van der Poll’s Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

  1. I really enjoyed writing the Gone to Shit series. This series is dedicated to all the things I experienced in life. They are inspired by situations I couldn’t handle. All those feelings and emotions I inserted into Gone to Shit and using characters, which are created using a part of me, to handle them. Trials and tests in your life require a specific part of you when you step up to the plate. You can’t be a father to your wife. You have to be her husband. You can’t be a parent when you enter a race. You have to become a competitor. You automatically become these different “people” when it is triggered in your brain, and I have used all of that when I created my characters for Gone to Shit.

    The bottom line is this: once you get to know the characters, combine them and you will know me.

    I would like to conclude by saying that there is a message buried deep in the core of Gone to Shit and it is something that we as human beings need to realise.

    I hope you enjoy reading Book 1 of 4.

    I would love to know your thoughts.

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