Ley Lines & Orion’s Harvesters

Since ley lines are vital to my plot in Legends of Origin, Book 2: Orion’s Harvesters, I decided to share a bit about them today.

The answer to whether or not ley lines exist and what they are depends on who you ask. Oxford Dictionaries defines a ley line as ‘a supposed straight line connecting three or more prehistoric or ancient sites, sometimes regarded as the line of a former track and associated by some with lines of energy and other paranormal phenomena’.

The general consensus among some schools of belief is that ley lines are natural energy rives whose power we could harness, if we knew how.

While there is some evidence to suggest that ley lines are, in fact, underground ‘rivers’ of energy, and/or perhaps an anomaly in the Earth’s magnetic field, there is no conclusive proof – at least, none accepted as fact by everyone in the scientific community.

Origin of the term ‘ley line’

In 1921, an amateur archaeologist named Alfred Watkins noticed that many footpaths on the map of Blackwardine connected the hilltops in straight lines. As he studied the landscape further, he grew convinced that these straight lines, which he called ley lines, were the remnants of ancient trading routes – an ancient road network that used hilltops and other landmarks as sighting points.

Interesting theories and facts about ley lines

  • Ley lines connect many ancient monuments and other mysterious places in straight lines. Places ley lines pass through include Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, Glastonbury Tor, Machu Picchu, Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, the pyramids at Xian in China, southern Japan’s Dragon’s Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle and Easter Island.
  • Ley lines are, to this day, largely perplexing.
  • Evidence suggests that birds, animals and fish use ley lines to navigate to their breeding ground or warmer climates, and some say that even bacteria use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate.
  • Some believe that ley lines’ energy comes from the energy of ancient humans who once walked along them.
  • It’s said that one is more likely to encounter paranormal activity in places intersected by a ley line. However, it’s generally accepted that electro-magnetic fields affect the mind and body, causing things like hair standing on end, a tingling sensation, or an altered perception, all of which might account for the ‘paranormal’ activity.
  • Some believe that UFOs use ley lines to navigate Earth’s surface.
  • Some think that ley line energy can be either positive or negative, as opposed to neutral energy.
  • It’s believed that ancient humans deliberately built massive structures along ley lines to harness their power.
  • It’s said that the nexus – the place where two or more ley lines intersect – is a place of immense power.

Ley lines in my sci-fi fantasy series, Legends of Origin

In Book 2 of this series, I introduce an ancient ley line weapon that makes Earth’s most powerful nuclear weapons look like firecrackers.

With this ley line weapon, some humans can harness Earth’s untapped natural energy. Hidden in Table Mountain, the massive ancient weapon is three storeys high and half a kilometre long, with a DNA helix-like structure rising from the centre of the dish at its tip.

Klarion, the Zephlo (alien) Liam meets in Book 2, uses ley line energy to open a portal to his home galaxy. Exactly how he does so will only be unveiled in later books.

Extract from Book 2, Orion’s Harvesters

Vareck and Jacques stood on top of Table Mountain, the ground trembling beneath them as the wind buffeted them, ripping at their clothes and hair as if determined to drag them over the mountain’s edge. A few metres away, the ley line weapon ascended from the ground, the deep, juddering groans as it rose higher giving the impression that it was about to fall apart, quite literally. Gus, whose job it was to fire the ancient weapon, sat strapped in the seat two metres below the dish.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea,” muttered Gilbert, standing next to Vareck.

Tempted to agree, Vareck bit back his first thoughts. “We have no choice.”

“There’s always a choice,” said Gilbert.

Vareck glared at him.

“I’m just saying…” Gilbert took a step back as the weapon came to a grinding halt.

Vareck spoke into his radio. “Fire it up, Johann.”

Seven minutes passed before a high-pitched whine filled the air as the energy river beneath Earth’s surface flowed through the ley line weapon, giving its copper surface a turquoise-white shimmer.

By now, it felt as if they were in the middle of an earthquake, and Vareck worried that this part of the mountaintop may collapse under their feet. Once the weapon had charged to full capacity, the whine and juddering should stop. Vareck counted the seconds. Come on.

Danie hurried into view carrying four sets of earmuffs just as the ancient weapon fell silent. Swirling mists of turquoise and white energy cloaked the dish, hiding Gus from view and slowly spreading out across the sky. Good; it would hide the weapon’s exact location and make destroying it a little harder.

A low hum replaced the whine. Vareck grimaced, hoping it wouldn’t grow louder.

It was time. Would the centuries of waiting and passing down information, of keeping the weapon in good condition, of preparation… would it all be in vain, or would it save humanity?

Goosebumps prickled Vareck’s cold flesh, and he rubbed his arms as he stared up at the dish – similar to a satellite dish – near the weapon’s tip. The DNA helix-like structure rising from the dish’s centre was barely visible, a mere pin to the eye. The silence hurt his ears, and he scanned his brothers’ faces as they locked their gazes on the weapon.

“It’s time,” Vareck murmured. “Everyone ready?”

“It doesn’t matter if we aren’t,” Danie said. “If we wait much longer, there won’t be any humans left to save.” He looked at Vareck. “I have to finish packing up. We’re nearly ready to load the first lot of crystals and medical supplies onto the first truck.”

Vareck nodded. They were moving as much of their equipment as possible to various smaller bases across South Africa. When this was over, military, air force, government, media and other curious parties would be crawling all over Table Mountain to see the weapon and those who had fired it. With any luck, no clues would be left behind – other than a few red herrings, of course.

“God speed, Brother,” Jacques said, slapping Danie on the back.

“Have fun.” Danie winked as he left.

Vareck sighed, glanced at the towering ley line weapon, then raised his radio to his lips. “Gus, fire at will.”

Just when they thought that either the weapon hadn’t worked or Gus had lost his nerve, blinding turquoise-white energy jetted from its tip, heading for the Harvesters’ spaceship. It struck the ship’s underbelly with a resounding boom that Vareck could have sworn he actually felt. Black smoke poured from the alien craft, raising cheers from the small group and those who were on guard duty to ensure no unwary soul happened upon the weapon.

Strangely, the energy had discharged in utter silence… although it could just be that the wind had snatched away the sound before it could reach their ears.

Vareck spoke into his radio. “Fire again, Gus. Keep firing. It’s working!”

How many times could the ley line weapon be fired until it had to be recharged? That was one of the few things their ancestors hadn’t mentioned. Stupid, since it was vital knowledge, as far as Vareck was concerned. Perhaps those texts had simply been lost over time, or maybe their ancestors had been under the mistaken impression that firing the ley line weapon only once would do the trick.

Earth’s ley line energy streaked towards the Harvester spaceship again, causing more smoke to billow from its underbelly. Flickering red dots appeared on the craft as small fires erupted across its surface. Not even Cape Town’s gale force winds could whip away the cheers this brought.

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