A New Year and a New Way

Good morning and happy New Year!

I know it’s a little late to be wishing you a happy New Year, but better late than never, right?

I had a smashing first post of the year written and waiting to post on 1 January, and then…

…And then my life was shattered and, it felt, my dreams.

On New Year’s Eve, I left the house for no more than twenty minutes… and returned to a house that had been burgled.

I was devastated, numb, and so very angry with God or the universal consciousness or whoever runs this universe. It seemed as if, no matter what I did to help myself, something outside my control would destroy it. My PC was stolen – along with all the books I had started writing. I lost everything I wrote on Legends of Origin, Book 4: Beyond Orion. I lost three years of research on another book. For a few weeks, I thought I had also lost Wizard of Ends, Book 3, but thankfully I had worked on that in the last few days before the robbery and had saved it to email. I lost work templates and documents for three companies. I lost over a year of work for one client. I lost all my baby and personal pictures, other than the handful I had posted on Facebook and emailed to friends and family. Book covers, promotional material, blog posts for my company… So much lost… It left me shattered and feeling as if my very soul had been raped.

For the last two months, I’ve been demotivated and unable to write. Every time I sit down hoping to continue with Wizard of Ends, my mind shut down, as if my creativity had been stolen too. It doesn’t help that I am oh so short on time. We are still trying to recover from the loss. Yes, I had back-ups – on my laptop and a few USB sticks… all of which were also stolen in the robbery. Insurance took over a month to replace all our stolen items, and then, because we did not have proof of the expensive PC equipment we had, they replaced our jacked up PCs with entry level junk. Insurance paid out for many of the stolen items, but not nearly enough to replace them.

It’s taken me this long to motivate myself to write my first blog post of the year. For a few weeks, I was so demotivated that I didn’t believe I would ever again write to publish, and perhaps not at all. Now, I know I will – because it is not only my passion, but part of what makes me the person I am; thus, without writing and sharing my work, I am an incomplete slab of misery.

Then there’s the time it took to recover what I could from email and friends/family. I have only just recovered the last of what I can. What I had filled almost 2TB of HDD space. What I recovered did not fill a 2GB USB stick. I’m sure you can imagine how upsetting this was, and it sent me spiralling into depression – something some of you already know I battle with when things get too tough.

Thankfully, there is a silver lining (although there are still many days and moments where it feels as if the silver lining is not worth it). The money insurance paid that isn’t near enough to replace the stolen items is now being used to increase security and to toddler-safe our garden. Finally, I can put a timeframe on when my daughter can safely play in our backyard 🙂

I have decided that I will no longer pre-write blog posts to keep my blog busy three times a week. I do not have it in me – emotionally or time-wise – to do that again. I also probably won’t have time to write three blog posts a week like you are used to (which is why I pre-wrote six months’ worth of blog posts, all of which were lost in the theft). However, you can rest assured that my blog will indeed go on, just a little more flexible than before. I still believe that regular blog posts increase visibility and sales, but I can’t say that I’ve experienced any major increase in sales since starting my blog just over a year ago. Thus, I am removing the stress factor and my blog posts will be more sporadic than usual, but, hopefully, more entertaining and relevant too. I will still be sharing guest posts, but am going to be stricter about people following my guidelines, as I no longer have the time or inclination to reformat blog posts that come in a format other than what I requested. Those of you who are waiting for guest posts to be shared, please send me an email reminder along with the details – all my notes were stolen with my PC and I cannot remember who arranged what with me (if you have already emailed me about this since the robbery, you don’t need to do so again; I will get back to you the second I am able). I apologise for the inconvenience.

Of course, I am also looking for fresh guest posts – entertaining topics and relevant to writing and/or reading. Be creative and send me your ideas.

I also have two lots of exciting news that I will share with you shortly – one tomorrow (because I don’t have time to share those details today) and the other once everything is finalised.

Watch this space!

About Vanessa Finaughty Fantasy Books

Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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14 Responses to A New Year and a New Way

  1. laurenscharhag says:

    I know how rough it’s been for you, Vanessa. I’m so glad to hear you haven’t given up!

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  2. Alex James says:

    Good to hear from you again Vanessa and that you will continue writing. Hope to read your next blog posts! Alex

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  3. C.J. Peter says:

    And people wonder why I swear by Dropbox and google drive. I don’t keep everything on the cloud, but EVERY SINGLE SAVE OF EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT is synced to dropbox and drive automatically.

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    • I used to do that too, but then Dropbox vanished from my PC. After extensive Googling and trying of various things to get it back, it just wouldn’t come back, so I stopped using it. I have it on the new PC again, but I think I will also save every little thing to email from now on in case Dropbox vanishes again (from a Google search, it’s apparent that this is a common problem with the programme).

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      • C.J. Peter says:

        This is why I use more than one cloud service. Google drive is free up to 10 gig (iirc on the size). I normally drop (heh) my dropbox folder inside the google drive folder. This one both sync it without the need for futzing about. 😉

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        • I read an article not so long ago about how easy it is for hackers to hack into a cloud – I have to admit, it scared me into not wanting to consider that :-/ But I’m setting up a new email address solely for storage, and everything that’s important in any way will be saved there from now on. I’m just so, so, SO glad that I emailed myself that one book! Losing the other stuff was devastating, but the loss of that particular book would have been far worse. It was a hard lesson to learn and I won’t repeat the mistake of not saving everything important online somewhere.


          • C.J. Peter says:

            It IS easy for hackers to get in…IF you don’t take any precautions. When setting up secure storage in the cloud, make sure you either
            A. choose encryption and
            B. Password protect your folders………..or both.

            Both being optimal. Cloud storage services will walk you through the process of doing exactly that.
            Then…if you want anything easy for the public to get to…you just dump those files into your “public” folder. Everything else is just for you.
            Just don’t forget your password. heh. (and for good protection make sure that the password(s) is strong.

            I really felt your pain though. I’ve lost stuff as well…and I’m a 20-year+ IT-guy by former profession.
            Having read of many many other authors losing stuff over the years, I first backed up daily to cd-re-writable disks, and then when the cloud happened, I made sure I had sync set up on my phone, netbook, and main machine so that the documents are stored across multiple devices. Text is ‘small’, so having that sync is really a very small matter.

            Glad you’re making it back though. 🙂

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            • Aah okay, so that article was a little incomplete, by the sounds of things. Thanks for clarifying 🙂 I think I’ll do that AND set up a storage email addy, and, of course, use Dropbox unless it vanishes again. Can I access cloud storage via Gmail? Is there no password recovery? I often forget mine, because I usually click ‘keep me logged in’ if the option is there (for social media and storage only, not for banking and email, etc.).

              I’m glad I’m making it back too 🙂 I was utterly miserable when I thought ‘that was it’ with regards to writing.

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              • C.J. Peter says:

                In a lot of “ohnoestheskyisfalling” articles, the bias is toward…well…fallingskies. 😀

                Gmail via your browser, (firefox or chrome) when on the gmail page, you should see a box of squares to the right of your name in the upper right area of the page.

                If you click on that, it will show you app icons you can access. You click on the “drive” icon and away you go. As a gmail user, you have the storage already. If you are on windows/mac, there is a drive app, similar to dropbox.

                As to the passwords, google does make that pretty simple, but I’d jot em’ down on a piece of paper and put that somewhere you WON’T forget, but isn’t easily accessible to others.

                The beauty of writing though…whether it be on the page, or not…the story is in one place that is safe…well until we reach room temperature that is.
                Details may fall by the wayside, but the general ideas that forced us to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, reside within. THAT can’t be stolen. Writing it down is mechanics. Never forget that. 🙂

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  4. Juneta says:

    Oh Vanessa, I am so sorry. I hope this year brings you blessings,happiness,peace-safety, positive energy-abundance, success and healing.

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