Within the Land and Within Humanity…

Following is a guest post from Jamie, co-author of Original Souls, a thriller fiction book (based on fact) that is in the process of being written. The post gives a little insight into Jamie as a person and some whopper clues as to the fiction book’s main topic. Without further ado, I introduce…

Hi, my name is Jamie. I farm with horses in Paarl Valley. I was religious up to the age of 18. I actually grew up in a very religious family and quite a number of family members are either missionaries or ministers in the church. At the age of 18, I just ‘out of the blue’ became agnostic. I was never atheist, as I always knew that something was going on and never, ever thought that we were just a result of a Big Bang and time and chance. I just could not get my head around any plausible explanation for how existence would work and how everything could have begun. One day, around age 36, as I was walking on my farm, I had a vision. It was the most incredible experience (and will be detailed in the fiction book). It lasted for about 20 minutes. From that moment and for about three months after that, I was able to see clearly. It was as if someone touched my brain with a magic wand. It felt as if someone had opened the curtains and I could, for the first time, look outside and see what I never thought existed. Someone talked to me in a way that is difficult to explain and yes, in medical terms, this talking is categorised as so unreal that it would necessitate the prescription of strong medicine.

So indeed, I went to see a psychiatrist just to make sure, but the pills he gave me made no difference and the talking and teaching just continued undisturbed. Day after day, I was taught how the world works and I was shown some things. I was shown that this world is like a pre-programmed movie. Everything that happens, even our thoughts, are not our own (however, we do still have free will – this will be explained in my next post). Take for example a movie full of adventure and intrigue. The movie is already designed from beginning to end and everything is on the disc or on the recording. If you press ‘play’, the whole movie will play out from beginning to end. Now imagine that you can project yourself into the main character. You do not manipulate the character and you do not think for the character, as the movie is already created – you only experience the character. You are fused with the thoughts and the being of the character. You are so much one with the character that you actually perceive the character as you. The thought processes of the character become your thoughts; the actions and worries and delights the character experiences become as real to you as your thoughts or actions or pleasures. In other words, you experience it as your reality. This is how I was shown that this world works. Everything, even the smallest and most bizarre and random events, are already part of the movie and we are passengers who experience. The magic is the randomness, the fact that there are so many small and unrelated events dispersed throughout our movie. These events contribute in creating a world that seems so real. We live in another world as spiritual beings and this world is our experience world, the place where we can experience things that are not possible to experience from the realm where we really exist in all truth. This is a mouthful, I know. As I mentioned, for three months, I could see things clearly. I could see how people talk and walk in a way that was predetermined. After this three-month period, everything just stopped as quickly as it had appeared. I was normal again. I could no longer see beyond what others could see, but I continued knowing and remembering what I learnt. During the three months, I was shown that there exists a signature, sculpted and designed and programmed within the land and within humanity. It cannot be seen as such, as it is hidden. It is like the watermark that hides within a banknote. You will only see the watermark if you know that it is there and if you hold it up to the light. The signature is from a creator and up to this day I am not really sure what I am supposed to do with it. I am no longer ‘gifted’ like in those first three months. I am back to being a farmer who struggles to express myself and who struggles to get my message across. So, I decided to contact Vanessa so that she can write a fiction story, a story that would tell my story in a somewhat more digestible way. I tried to write it myself, but ended up trying too hard and the whole book was just too complex and the codes and detail of the signature too tiresome to read. I am a farmer and not a writer and that is just the way it is. So, I have mentioned how I could see things in those three months and that after the three months all the crispness and clarity of the things I saw was gone. At the end of this post is a short demonstration in video format so that you can understand how I perceived things during those three months.

The video is of a mountain wherein there are lots of images that form part of the signature. During my time of clairvoyance, the images popped out crystal clear and the message surrounding each image was clear and without a doubt. After the three months, everything became dull again, but, since I know that it is there, I can still see it. The video shows the outlines of a man who sticks out his tongue. I have drawn the lines so that you see where the man is in the mountain. This is how I saw things during that special period. I can no longer see it as clearly as that (and maybe you can’t either), but I can still see the faded lines where the images lie. Can you see the faded lines? If you cannot, do not worry about it. Throughout the whole world, there are images placed and even events are designed to ‘fit the bill’. This man in the video symbolises something very specific that fits into the signature. In number format, the signature reads 9-11 and yes, the event of 911 is part and parcel of the message the signature conveys.

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Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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