Beta Readers

I’m always looking for beta readers, so, if you enjoy reading, I’d love to give you a free ARC copy of my latest book to beta read.

What I’m looking to gain from beta readers:

An honest opinion. What works? What doesn’t work? Why? Tell me which characters you loved and which you hated, and why. If you pick up any inconsistencies and typos, please point them out.

The purpose of having beta readers is to improve the book’s overall quality before it’s published, so please don’t hold back – I have pretty thick skin when it comes to critique.

If you would like to beta read any of the books in my series, I ask that you please read the previous books in that series before asking to beta read the next unpublished book. I’m happy to provide free review copies for this purpose.

Beta readers can contact me on shadowfire13 @ (remove spaces).

2 Responses to Beta Readers

  1. sagecreator says:

    Just came across your blog from Lauren. I look forward to catching up on your books.



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