Thank you for taking the time to browse my blog.

This blog’s main purpose is to showcase me and my books, with a secondary purpose being to showcase other authors and their books, along with helpful information on writing, publishing and all related topics. In other words, this blog is intended to be useful and interesting to authors and readers alike.

However, please note that I am a Smashwords affiliate marketer, which means that I will sometimes earn commission for books purchased via my blog. I am not a professional affiliate marketer, however – this blog’s main purpose is not to earn commission on others’ work. It’s merely something I’m doing on the side to earn some extra income, since I’m already showcasing so many books from other authors – why not double the benefits? Please also note that books from other distributors will be showcased on this blog too, and I do not earn commission on those. I mention this only to be upfront, as I believe not everyone agrees with affiliate marketing.

Please also note that, because I cannot read all the books showcased on my blog, I do not necessarily recommend all of them. The only time you can consider it a recommendation is if I include a review I’ve written in the showcase.


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