Guest Posts/Author Showcases

I’m always happy to host guest bloggers, provided the proposed guest posts meet my blog’s criteria. If you’re interested in being a guest on my blog, please email me with your proposed topic and, where applicable, the angle (opinion) you will take on it. If I think your topic fits my blog, I will ask for further information.

Please note that I do NOT accept generic text or text that’s been posted elsewhere – whatever you send me must be fresh text written just for this blog. Generic or duplicate text is considered spam by WordPress, and blogs who host such material are suspended.

Before submitting your request to be a guest blogger, please review the below topics, all of which relate to books in general or others’ books, writing, publishing and related topics, or my books in some way (for example, if one of my characters uses dynamite in a book, I wouldn’t mind a post about the uses or dangers of dynamite). Note that topics not on the below list might still be considered if they are entertaining or somehow otherwise relevant.

Please feel free to pass on the link to this page to anyone you think might want to be a guest blogger or showcase their work on my blog.

NB: Please do not paste extracts, posts and bios, etc. into the body of your email. They should be sent as MS Word attachments. Please include a short bio and profile picture/logo with each submission.

Preferred Topics

Book extracts (1/2 to 2 MS Word pages, plus cover, blurb and purchase link/s – any genre)

‘About the author’-type posts for showcases

A post advertising your current specials, book tours or other author/book news

Author interviews (please ask me to send you the interview questions if you would like me to share an interview with you on my blog)

Publisher interviews (please ask me to send you the interview questions if you would like me to share an interview with you on my blog)

Character interviews (it’s difficult to interview a character for a book you haven’t read and I don’t have much reading time anymore, so authors must create their own character interviews and email them to me; please make sure your interview has 10-15 questions and includes an image of your book cover and, if possible, an image of your character; the questions should be addressed to your character and answered as if it’s your character talking). You are also welcome to write an article based on an interview with your character – this has the potential to be extremely entertaining!

Book reviews (for any book you’ve read, but only if you would give that book a 4- or 5-star rating – the purpose is to share work you enjoyed so that others can also enjoy it; please also send a cover image and a link to the author’s purchase page).

Articles from readers and authors about what you like or dislike about indie or traditional publishing/authors.

Your experience as a published author

Readers, how do you find your next book?

Distributors; publishers

Editing; self-editing; editors; literary agents

Book formatting

Writing tips

Grammar; spelling; language

Book covers; tips; design; graphic design; illustration (especially tips or instructions for beginners)

Book marketing


Private investigator (only suggest this topic if you are, have been or know a PI)

Outer space; the universe; planets; the sun; the moon

Physics/science (particularly theory of or research into time travel; wormholes; alternate dimensions; black holes; teleportation; space)


Templar Knights

Healing herbs


Strange animals; animals that do strange things

Ley lines; earth energy

Myths/legends of creation

Catacombs; underground tunnels or caves; underground cities

Sword fighting; guns; use of other weapons

Martial arts

Paranoia; phobias; sociopaths; narcissists; psychopaths; etc.

Skiing; avalanches; etc.

Your experiences with ghosts/spirits; latest news on ghosts/spirits and your opinion of it


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