Is the Orion Constellation the Birthplace of Humanity?

Star formation_blogSince the beginning of time, humans have been fixated on the stars, with many ancient cultures – and some modern humans – believing that we came from the stars, specifically, the Orion constellation.

Modern scientists have discovered that our solar system may have been formed billions of years ago in the mysterious gas and dust clouds of the Orion star constellation. DM Murdock, mythologist and archaeologist, stated that most world religions were founded on astro-theology – where ‘gods’ or a ‘god’ came from the heavens to save humans from cataclysm or to impart knowledge.

Ancient texts make many references to the stars, often those of Orion specifically, and not only in official texts like the various religions’ Bibles. For example, Plato said that God made ‘souls in equal number with the stars and distributed them… and he who should live well for his due span of time should journey back to the habitation of his consort star’. Some believe that this can be interpreted to say that humans are destined for eternal life, and, once our physical bodies die, we will live as beings made of sunlight. Whereas beliefs vary as to the exact nature of our ‘life after death’, most believers agree that, when the physical body dies, the soul returns to its source. Is this source in the Orion constellation, as many believe?

Finding Sirius_blogIn modern writings, Robert Temple, member of the Royal Astronomical Society and cultural investigator, stated: “Sirius was, astronomically, the foundation of the entire Egyptian religious system.” Some, like author Moria Timms, believe that the ‘missing link’ can be attributed to cosmic ‘ray showers’ – the existence of which is scientific fact. She says, “A superluminal transfer of extragalactic frequencies from deep space impregnated the Earth with the star seeds of neutrinos and radiation. Penetrating to the heart of the Earth’s magnetic core, this jump-start of cosmic energy served to accelerate the vibrational frequency of the life force, preparing us for an unprecedented evolutionary leap.”

Myriad formal religions mention the stars of Orion, which leads me to believe that they are, in one way or another, important to humanity – or, at least, they were once. Even some religious texts accepted as truth in modern times, such as the Christian Bible, mention the constellation.

Isis_BlogThe Ancient Egyptians are believed to have worshiped the sun god, Ra. However, modern discoveries suggest that Ra was merely a link between the gods and humanity, much like Christianity’s Jesus. Evidence of this can be found in the Pyramid Texts, Utterance 667: “Go aboard this boat of Ra to which the gods desire to draw near, aboard which the gods desire to go, in which Ra rows to the horizon…. Raise yourself, O my father Osiris the king, for you are alive!” The Great Pyramids, which are aligned with the stars in Orion’s Belt, were allegedly built to aid in this journey back to the king’s beginnings. According to Egyptian mythology, the gods Osiris and Isis came from Sirius and Orion’s Belt and created humanity, and Osiris will one day return to Earth.

Mythology says the Egyptians could telepathically communicate with their ‘twin soul’ by means of their pineal glands, but then the Earth’s electromagnetic poles shifted, ‘turning off’ the ‘telepathy glands’. Some modern humans believe that this is why so many of us seek altered states of consciousness the only other ways we can, such as in the use of alcohol and other mind-altering drugs like marijuana, peyote and ‘magic mushrooms’, and even teas like camomile and scents like lavender. Today, many also believe that the pineal gland can be reactivated by using hallucinogens that contain DMT.

In his book, Memories and Visions of Paradise: Exploring the Universal Myth of a Lost Golden Age, mythologist Richard Heinberg says, “As human consciousness lost contact with its internal, heavenly source of power, technology emerged as a power substitute. Its first appearance was as sympathetic magic and as the invocation of spiritual beings to change nature for human benefit. However, as human awareness became increasingly restricted to the material world, purely mechanical technologies appeared.” I don’t know about you, but this makes disturbing sense to me.

Seeming to lend some credence to the telepathy theory, Hopi legend says that the first humans were ‘as one’ and understood each other without speaking out loud. Biomedical researcher Itzhak Bentov says, “We may say now that in deep meditation the human being and the planet system start resonating at a very long wavelength of about 40, 000 kilometres. It is the ideal medium for conveying a telepathic signal.” [Emphasis mine.]

Assuming they exist, who exactly are our ‘twin souls’? Are they spirit beings or flesh and blood, and are they from the Orion constellation? Mythologist William Henry investigated what he believed to be ‘an instrument of space travel’ known as the ‘Pillar of God’ or ‘djed column’. According to Henry, this device can be found in ‘temple complexes throughout the ancient world, including Egypt and Solomon’s temple’, and is forty-five feet tall and golden in colour. He speculates further that this device may have been used to open a portal through space-time, enabling us to travel across the universe. About the device, writer Dr. Jeremy Naydler says, “The raising up of the djed column also symbolised the rebirth of the soul. For the Egyptians, the flow of life-giving forces into the world of nature was dependent upon the resurrection of Osiris ‘on the other side’ in the spiritual realm of the Dwat.”

As different as world religions past and present are, many bear striking similarities that, to me, are proof that there is some truth in all religion – the finer details have just been lost in time… or were perhaps misinterpreted by our ancestors – or us. Folklore of almost every culture speaks of gods or a god promising to return. Another example of similarities between religions is modern Christianity and the religion of the African Dogon tribe, whose Nommos – beings who were believed to have come from Sirius in the Orion constellation – were said to be crucified, as was Jesus. The Nommos, too, had a version of the ‘Lord’s Supper’, and were subsequently resurrected, as was Jesus.

Other similarities to Christianity can be found in Sumerian folklore, where the goddess Inanna gave humans ‘seven divine decrees’ (similar to the Ten Commandments of the Christian Bible). She is said to have descended to the underworld (Hell, in Jesus’ case) and she, too, was crucified and rose from the dead after three days and nights.

Whatever your beliefs about our origins, what Author John White says rings chillingly true: “Spiritual traditions warn that we shall reap what we sow. Psychic traditions offer an explanation of how and why this must be. The many ‘crimes against nature’ that people are perpetrating – over population, environmental pollution, wasting of non-renewable resources, nuclear testing – along with ‘crimes against humanity’ such as war, economic exploitation, the imposition of inhumane living conditions, religious persecution, political abridgement of human rights, intolerance and bigotry toward minorities, etc. are all pouring negative thought forms into the planet’s energetic foundation. The result will be geophysical cataclysm: earth changes and a pole shift.”

I find the idea of White being right quite terrifying.

night-162949Only time will reveal the ultimate truth… and perhaps knowing that truth will free us in a way we cannot even begin to comprehend at this moment in time.

What do you think?

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  1. Jessica says:

    This is quite interesting, I am in Thailand currently but I may go to Egypt after reading this article ,


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