An Official Introduction to the Wizard of Ends Fantasy Adventure Series

Today’s tour host is Alex James, with a Wizard of Ends showcase on his blog. Note that Facebook doesn’t allow links to Alex’s blog to be shared – he had some trouble with the blog a very long time ago, and they have neglected to reinstate his ‘safe site’ status despite numerous requests. Please feel free to report it to Facebook as a legitimate link if you have the time – perhaps many complaints at once will do the trick!

Now, on to today’s post….

Wizard of Ends, Book 1_blogWizard of Ends is a fantasy novella series packed with adventure, magic, dark creatures, some life lessons and more. In Book 1, Lashlor Leaflin, who is new to the Land of Ends, happens across two men abducting the Queen of Ends and is compelled to help her. Thus starts his magical adventure, leading to a confrontation with a deadly sorceress who believes the crown to be rightfully hers.

Book 2, Dark Creature, finds Lashlor trapped in the Mountains of Eclador with no way to help his queen, who will be forever trapped in the form of a dark creature if he does not return to Ends. To make matters worse, thinking the Wizard of Ends will not return from the mountains, King Lanaran Dragonsbane attempts to undo the curse on his wife – something Lashlor warned him against.

The first Wizard of Ends book will be published on 9 October and Book 2, Dark Creature, will be available on 23 October at Smashwords (and on pre-order from 9 October). Shortly after publication, the books will also become available at other large retailers like Barnes & Noble and iBooks. Readers will be happy to know that Book 1 will be permanently free and, on the day of release only, Book 2 will be only 99c, after which it will be $2.99.

It’s not clear at this point how many books this series will ultimately contain – the story pretty much writes itself and, as long as there is an adventure to be had, it will be written, so readers can expect plenty more books over the coming years.

For those of you who have stopped by for the first time, the Wizard of Ends virtual book tour is running from 1 – 31 October, during which readers can find out more about the series, its characters and me. Expect plenty of giveaways and special offers, cover reveals, extracts and posts about magic in the real world – and even a recipe for a fantasy cake!

To ensure you don’t miss the super low price on the day of Book 2’s publication, purchase it on pre-order on 9 October or follow my blog to receive a reminder in your inbox when I announce it.

About Vanessa Finaughty Fantasy Books

Vanessa Finaughty is a fantasy author whose books will introduce you to magical new beings, intense characters and high adventure. She will take you to exciting new worlds, and make you see this one through different eyes. To start you off, get Book 1 in her series for free!
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