An Overview of Orion, Conspiracies and UFO Mythology

MoonConspiracy theorists have had a field day with the moon landing. In fact, many believe that humans have never set foot on the moon and the whole thing was faked – but that’s another story for another time, perhaps. For now, I’m more interested in connections to the Orion star constellation and aliens.

Let’s begin with a little conspiracy history. It’s widely believed that NASA is controlled by a secret group that deliberately hides evidence of alien presence and anomalies on Earth, in space, on Mars and on the moon. A well-known example is the alleged 1947 crash landing of an alien spacecraft in Roswell. Conspiracy theorists say that it’s not just the military who are interested in aliens, but also groups or ‘cults’ that seem to have some beliefs in common with the Ancient Egyptians. Some people believe there is a cult that worships Osiris – aka Orion – and sources say that the first manned moon landing was on 20 July, which is apparently the date the Egyptian calendar begins.

Orion’s alignments with the horizon for important landings and launches, including the moon landing, are interesting to note. According to some, these alignments are so mathematically precise that they cannot possibly be coincidences. It should be taken into account, however, that NASA does not try to hide any connections with Egypt or other ancient cultures, as is evident in the names of some spacecraft, missions, programmes and the official mission patch, on which humanity is represented by Apollo. For example, the names of projects Apollo and Mercury come from Roman mythology. Mercury was seen as the gods’ messenger in ancient folklore – a fitting name for a single-man capsule used for quick missions. One Greek legend says that Orion was murdered by the moon goddess Diana (or Artemis), after being tricked by her brother, Apollo. Many believe that the Apollo Mission was so named because of this legend. However, this could easily be seen as a modern representation of what the ancient cultures believed – that there is far more out there than we can see. If NASA didn’t believe that, I don’t believe it would be quite as interested in the rest of the galaxy. Regardless, most missions were named by the astronauts themselves, so probably don’t have any deeper significance or double meaning.

266px-AlienigenaApollo 13 mission commander Jim Lovell seems to have let something slip when he said that he hoped that Aquarius, the mission’s lunar module, would ‘bring back life from the moon’. Perhaps he was referring to Aquarius bringing the crew back safe and sound, since the moon was already known to be lifeless, but I think it’s a peculiar choice of words. There’s no need to wonder where some conspiracy theories come from….

UFO mythology often claims that there are benevolent human-like aliens from the Pleiades star cluster, and, from the Orion constellation, the ‘Greys’ that are said to experiment on humans.

As far as the moon landing is concerned, if there are, in fact, aliens among us and/or visiting us, or perhaps residing on the moon, this will surely come to light at some point in the future. No secret, great or small, can be hidden forever.

What are your thoughts?


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2 Responses to An Overview of Orion, Conspiracies and UFO Mythology

  1. M T McGuire says:

    I read an interesting thing about a bunch in South america who worshipped the lizard people. They could point to the star system the lizard people came from with complete accuracy, even though it was another x thousand years before mankind had the technology to actually see the star in question.

    Stuff like that really interests me. I’m not sure if alien life is covered up, I’d say it’s more likely that inter galactic civilisation has collapsed, or maybe space has expanded, and it can’t get to us anymore.



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    • The number of ancient humans who could accurately depict the stars has always fascinated me – how and why could they do that, and how was the knowledge lost?

      The idea of space having expanded to the point where aliens can no longer reach us is a new one to me, but it does seem like a logical possibility. However, if that’s true, I believe they can still communicate – what convinces me is the apparent reply to a message sent by NASA many years ago. The ‘reply’ came in the form of a crop circle that took on the same format as the message we sent – our message gave information about humanity, our planet and galaxy, and the reply gave information about other beings in another galaxy.

      Another thing to consider is the fact that so many ancient religions say that ‘God will return to Earth’ – I suspect these ‘gods’ they refer to could be ancient aliens, and perhaps they left so humanity could develop on its own from that point, and plan to return one day to see how we’ve progressed.


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